Terms and Conditions

Due to the fact that KZK101 is a professional company and have a public image to maintain we do have a few Terms and Condition regarding the use of our contribution/members section.

1) All posts, events and media will be moderated by our content editor before being published.

2) All post and events must have a “Featured Image” attached. This is normally the band photo, album cover photo, or event poster. Any post or event will not be approved if no image is attached. You can supply a link in you draft if you do not have any knowledge of HTML or the tool and we will then embed your image before publishing.

3) Any video or music file being attached must be embedded with correct HTML code. We do have a special YouTube Embed tool and Soundcloud Tool that MUST be used to embed your YouTube video or MP3. NO video NOT belonging to you are allowed to be embedded unless you have the permission of the holder of the Copyrights. You can supply a link in you draft if you do not have any knowledge of HTML or the tool and we will then embed your video or music before publishing.

4) All music, information, image or videos embedded in to any post or event must be copyrighted. This is very important before you submit: Copyrights are very important because they identify who actually owns the song and song recording and who gets to make money from it. When songwriters write songs, the songs are automatically copyrighted as soon as they are in a tangible form (like a recording, or fixed as printed sheet music). In order to sue for copyright infringement, however, the song should be registered with the copyright office at the Library of Congress or your copyright publishers in your country. Registration should always be done before the song is set loose in the public domain (available to hear on a Web site, etc.). KZK101 can not be held responsible for any content copied, redistributed or replicated, content that you make available on our site by submitting it to be published for public display, by any of our readers or fans.

5) KZK101 will not be held responsible for any damage caused by any members/contributors article, image or media content. All legal issue will be directly for the contributor or member that posted the article, image or media content. 101 Rock will also not be responsible for any illegal article that you as member posted. By approving any draft of a post or event does not mean that KZK101 has agreed to the content, or verified the content. All responsibility remains the onus of the member/contributor for legal purposes.

6) We are in compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act), and therefore no content are allow that will offend any person within this age range and you are not allowed to target any person in this age range with your content on any post, event of image.

7) Any member that do not comply with these terms and conditions will be blocked for live from KZK101. Any content that do not comply with these Terms and Conditions will not be approved for publishing.