September 9th sees the release of WRESTLERISH’s brand new music video for their newest single, BATTLE GROUND. BATTLE GROUND is the first single from their upcoming new album – Greater Goods And Lesser Evils – set for release in September this year.

“The song is a continuation of some of the themes from the first album. It’s about being pushed to your limits by someone you love or consider a big part of your life. The theme is basically ‘letting go’.”

The video was conceptualized, shot and directed by Brendan Barnes. It was shot early August in Brixton Cemetery in Johannesburg. It took a full day of shooting to get it done, and the band can not sing Brendan’s praises enough –  being in a band himself, he really understands things from the artist’s perspective.

“It was definitely the easiest video we’ve done. The crew and extras were fantastic and even though the theme was quite dark and heavy, the shoot was full of laughter and jokes. Werner had to lay in a casket all day, so that was pretty funny. Those things are definitely not made for the living.”

The concept for the video evolves around Werner’s funeral. However, the catch is that the band seems to have no remorse about him being gone. Everyone plays a character that ‘ruins’ the proceedings in their own little way. It’s very tongue in cheek. Although the song features quite a dark and heavy theme, it gets camouflaged by an upbeat pop sound. The video translates that really well. It portrays a dark and serious theme, infused with the band not taking themselves too seriously.

“It’s just a fun video. We’re very proud of what we’ve done with this album and it’s definitely the darkest thing we’ve done, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have fun with it. This is the first release with Candice on vocals, so you’ll get to see her for the first time. Also it’s Etienne’s first video ever, so you can see him in his most nervous state. The video is a nice lead in to what the ‘new’ Wrestlerish is all about. We feel like we’re coming back with a BANG!”

WRESTLERISH’s third studio album – GREATER GOODS AND LESSER EVILS – will be released through SONY South Africa within the next month.


Website: http://www.wrestlerish.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wrestlerish

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlerish

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wrestlerish


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