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‘Wilderness’ a pulpy drama about infidelity and revenge: review

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“Wilderness” is a pulpy drama filled with revenge, infidelity, and murder.  

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The six-episode Prime Video thriller, now streaming, is based on a novel by B.E. Jones and follows British couple Liv (Jenna Coleman) and Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), who embark on a road trip through the American West including Las Vegas and the deserts and canyons of Arizona.

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The opening scene is a close-up of a black widow spider, just before it’s crushed by Liv and Will, driving a powder-blue convertible.

“If you’d have seen us that day, you’d have hated us,” Liv says in a voiceover. “This perfect happy couple. Charming husband, loving wife, everyone fulfilling their roles…” which sets the tone for a story where nothing is as it seems, on the surface.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Will Taylor and Jenna Coleman as Liv Taylor during their vacation taking a selfie by a desert canyon.
Oliver Jackson Cohen as Will Taylor and Jenna Coleman as Liv Taylor during their vacation
Stefania Rosini/Prime VIdeo

Jenna Coleman wearing a backpack, smiling.
Liv Jenna Coleman is pretending that shes willing to forgive her cheating husband and enjoy their vacation
Stefania Rosini/Prime VIdeo

This vacation is a trip that Liv has always wanted to go on, and Will is finally taking her as a way to make amends after she discovers that he cheated on her with a colleague. 

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Liv, however, has a different goal in mind, and begins thinking of ways that their trip could become fatal for Will … while seeming to be an accident.

Her vengeance plans become more complicated when they run into Will’s affair partner, Cara (Ashley Benson), and her clueless boyfriend, Garth (Eric Balfour), while they’re hiking in Yosemite National Park.

Liv (Jenna Coleman) wearing sunglasses smirking.
Liv Jenna Coleman wants to use the road trip to get revenge on her cheating husband
Stefania Rosini/Prime VIdeo

Oliver Jackson-Cohen wearing a backpack standing outside.
Oliver Jackson Cohen as Will who wants to use the vacation to make amends for cheating on his wife
Chris Large

The cast is good, especially Jackson-Cohen, who is in his element playing yet another man who oscillates between being charming, tormented and sleazy. He’s played shades of similar characters in “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Surface,” and even told The Post, “I seem to be a go-to guy for toxic men.” 

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Coleman simmers with quiet rage that occasionally bursts out, while Benson and Balfour make for solid supporting players. 

Coleman also supplies occasional voiceover, sardonically stating things like, “It turns out the whole forgiveness shtick, being the better person… well … kind of stuck in the craw.” 

Cara (Ashley Benson) standing by a tree looking worried.
Cara Ashley Benson is Wills affair partner who they run into in the wilderness
Kailey Schwerman/Prime VIdeo

 Ashley Benson as Cara, Eric Balfour as Garth, Jenna Coleman as Liv Taylor, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Will Taylor hiking together.
Ashley Benson as Cara Eric Balfour as Garth Jenna Coleman as Liv Taylor and Oliver Jackson Cohen as Will Taylor
Kailey Schwerman/Prime VIdeo

Eric Balfour standing outside by a tree.
Garth Eric Balfour doesnt know that Cara is cheating on him
Chris Large

The tone of the show alternates between being a moody relationship drama about a fractured marriage full of betrayal and lies and veering into pulpy territory, with occasional bouts of sudden violence and murder.

The theme song, Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” suits the show, but also makes it feel more suited to a teen drama on Freeform or The CW (and feels a bit awkward for characters in their 30s).

“Wilderness” is slick and stylish and has clear aspirations to be akin to “Gone Girl” — but it’s more conventional or, maybe, it’s just a tad predictable and rides the wave of stories trying to emulate that movie.

Jenna Coleman standing by a canyon.
Jenna Coleman as Liv who is pretending to be more forgiving of her husbands affairs than she really is
Stefania Rosini/Prime VIdeo

Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Liv (Jenna Coleman) hugging and smiling.
Will Oliver Jackson Cohen and Liv Jenna Coleman seem like a happy couple at first but theyre not
Kailey Schwerman

Will (Oliver Jackson Cohen) and his affair partner, Cara (Ashley Benson) looking at each other crouching over a log in the woods.
Will Oliver Jackson Cohen and his affair partner Cara Ashley Benson conveniently run into each other in the woods
Kailey Schwerman

There are twists and turns as it unfolds, but some of the story beats are overly obvious.

For instance, when Liv discovers the extent of Will’s infidelity, she conveniently stumbles on a sex tape of him with Cara, stating his intentions to leave Liv, sort of like the protagonist in a detective story stumbling on a folder neatly labeled, “Here is the top-secret conspiracy that you’re trying to uncover!” 

Nevertheless, despite its faults, there’s a lot to like here in an entertaining drama about infidelity, revenge and a road trip gone awry. 

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