Fantasy football championship week is finally here. It’s entirely possible that you’ve made your title game and have been streaming D/STs most of the season. If that’s been your strategy, you’re obviously not going to stop now, and our Week 16 fantasy defense rankings point to some interesting waiver wire sleepers. 

The Colts (vs. Panthers), Broncos (vs. Lions), Chargers (vs. Raiders), Jets (vs. Steelers), and Texans (@ Buccaneers) all offer varying degrees of upside and sit fairly high in our rankings. The four defenses in the Giants-Redskins and Bengals-Dolphins games also have favorable matchups on paper, and the Redskins stand out as the top option from that group, but any of them are a gamble. 

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Of course, so are widely owned D/STs like the Vikings (vs. Packers), Eagles (vs. Cowboys), Saints (vs. Titans), Bears (vs. Chiefs), and Bills (@ Patriots) this week. Even the Rams (@ 49ers) aren’t a sure thing, though it’s tough to sit a D/ST with that much talent and big-play potential. 

We’ve been proponents of streaming defenses all season, so we’d suggest taking a shot with someone like the Colts or Broncos ahead of even the Rams, but we understand that all owners have different strategies. And, as we see every week, any defense can put up points in any matchup. All it takes is one play — like, say, the Falcons recovering a fumble in the end zone on a kickoff lateral sequence on the last play of the game against the 49ers — for a D/ST to have value.

WEEK 16 PPR RANKINGS: Running back | Wide receiverTight end

Generally, the numbers and matchups don’t lie, but at this point in the season, it’s important to look at recent stats in addition to overall numbers. Offenses and defenses could be moving in opposite directions, and we’ll highlight below the trends you need to know (coming soon). 

Reminder: These rankings will be adjusted throughout week, so check back often for updates and analysis!

Week 16 Fantasy Defense Rankings

WEEK 16 DFS: Lineup Builder

Rank Team
1 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jets
2 Baltimore Ravens @ Browns
3 New England Patriots vs. Bills
4 Indianapolis Colts vs. Panthers
5 Seattle Seahawks vs. Cardinals
6 Denver Broncos vs. Lions
7 San Francisco 49ers vs. Rams
8 Los Angeles Chargers vs. Raiders
9 Houston Texans @ Buccaneers
10 Washington Redskins vs. Giants
11 Los Angeles Rams @ 49ers
12 Kansas City Chiefs @ Bears
13 New York Jets vs. Steelers
14 Cincinnati Bengals @ Dolphins
15 New York Giants @ Redskins
16 Atlanta Falcons vs. Jaguars
17 Miami Dolphins vs. Bengals
18 Tennessee Titans vs. Saints
19 Carolina Panthers @ Colts
20 Minnesota Vikings vs. Packers
21 Buffalo Bills @ Patriots
22 Oakland Raiders @ Chargers
23 Green Bay Packers @ Vikings
24 New Orleans Saints @ Titans
25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Texans
26 Dallas Cowboys @ Eagles
27 Chicago Bears vs. Chiefs
28 Detroit Lions @ Broncos
29 Jacksonville Jaguars @ Falcons
30 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cowboys
31 Cleveland Browns vs. Ravens
32 Arizona Cardinals @ Seahawks

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