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Watch The Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Drama Actor Roundtable

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Turns out, the one thing everybody gathered for The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Drama Actor Emmy roundtable has in common is the fact that they’ve all lied to land a job.

“All the time,” jokes Nicholas Galitzine, of both Starz’s Mary & George and Prime Video’s Red, White & Royal Blue, when the question is first posed.

Fellow TravelersMatt Bomer is similarly quick to confess. “I absolutely figure skate, I play ice hockey. Rollerblade. Yes, years of experience,” he says through laughter.

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The lies vary, of course; as do the consequences. But all six of the men gathered on this April afternoon at the Georgian Hotel cop to at least one lie — and perhaps unsurprisingly, it rarely ended well. Clive Owens (Monsieur SpadeA Murder at the End of the World) said he could ride a horse — a lie that came back to bite him when he landed the lead role in King Arthur. “A nightmare experience,” he tells those assembled. David Oyelowo (Lawmen: Bass Reeves) once insisted he could rollerblade, which, he found out in real time, is not the same as being able to roller skate. And Jon Hamm (Fargo, Murder at the End of the World) suggested he could play ice hockey, only to be caught in his lie when he auditioned for the movie Miracle, about the 1980 U.S. hockey team.

“The movie ended up being great — one of my favorite sports movies of all time,” he says, adding to laughs: “And I’m not in it.”

For Galitzine, the lies are typically more personal in nature. “Like being able to grow facial hair and look older than I am,” he says. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, no, I’ll come in with a little beard. I’ll definitely look like 34 when I come in, not a 20-year-old prepubescent young man.’ But I’m still waiting for that.” Calum Turner (Masters of the Air) smiles and shrugs: “I’m with you, man,” he says. “I can’t grow it. Wish I could.”

Watch the full discussion here.

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