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Visions Anthology Will Celebrate Star Wars with New Animated Shorts on Disney+

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Star Wars: Visions has been officially announced by Disney and Lucasfilm. The new anthology collection will show the Star Wars franchise through an anime lens. The new show, which will stream exclusively on Disney+, is presenting an all-new, creative take on the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: Visions will be a series of animated short films celebrating Star Wars through the lens of the world’s best anime creators. The anthology collection will bring 10 fantastic visions from several of the leading Japanese anime studios, offering a fresh and diverse cultural perspective to Star Wars.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy did not reveal any other information about Star Wars: Visions, but fans are pretty excited about it. The series will join the other animated projects from the franchise, including Clone Wars, Rebels, and the recently announced Bad Batch. There is a lot to live up to in the world of Star Wars animation, thanks to the hard work of showrunners like Dave Filoni, who is also helping steer the ship at The Mandalorian with Jon Favreau.

Lucasfilm and Disney did not mention any of the artists that will be involved with Star Wars: Visions, but we should get that information in the coming months. Another new animated series will also be coming to Disney+ in the near future. A Droid Story will be the intersection of animation and visual effects that offers up new opportunities to explore. Lucasfilm Animation will be teaming up with Lucasfilm’s visual effects team, Industrial Light & Magic, to develop a special Star Wars adventure for Disney+. This epic journey will introduce us to a new hero, guided by legendary duo R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Like Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm is seeing a bright future with the Disney+ streaming platform, which allows them to get deep into storylines. The Rogue One Prequel, no officially titled Andor is currently in production, while the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which will see the return of Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader, is in development. An Ahsoka Tano spin-off series simply titled Ahsoka is on the way, along with a new series called Rangers of the New Republic. There is a lot for Star Wars fans to get really excited about.


In addition to the small screen projects, Kathleen Kennedy also announced some things for the big screen. The Rogue Squadron movie is on the way from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and Taika Waititi is still developing his mysterious Star Wars movie. With that being said, it will be a while before the movies hit the big screen. Until then, Disney+ will be the home of the Star Wars universe, thanks to the breakout success of The Mandalorian, which will be back for a season 3 on Christmas Day 2021. You can check out the official announcement of Star Wars: Visions above, thanks to the official Star Wars Twitter account.

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