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Vin Diesel Is Hollywood’s Most Dangerous Driver in Action Movies According to New Study

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According to a new study, Vin Diesel is the Most Dangerous Driver in Hollywood action movies. However, he was not in either movie that had the most cars destroyed on screen, which is Transformers 3 and The Matrix Reloaded. Diesel’s car wrecking crown finds him beating out some of his peers who have been at the action game for a lot longer than he has, including his Fast and Furious co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is tied for tenth place with Jason Statham with 18 vehicles destroyed on screen.

According to Car Scrap Comparison, Vin Diesel is the Most Dangerous Driver in Hollywood action movies. The Fast and Furious franchise helped him reach the grand total of 61 cars destroyed, with 57 of them taking place when he was behind the wheel. Fast and Furious 5 is the movie that pushed Diesel over the edge to narrowly beat Bruce Willis, who is at number 2. The fifth installment alone saw the actor destroy 30 cars. Willis has had a longer career than Diesel and has wrecked 60 vehicles, though he was only behind the wheel for 35 of them.

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The Die Hard franchise helped Bruce Willis rack up the high numbers, which also includes a snowmobile wreck and a helicopter. Amazingly, Tom Cruise only has 19 wrecks on the big screen, though taking down an F-14 Tomcat in Top Gun should count as at least two wrecks. Cruise is known for his driving talents off the screen, which could be a source of pride for him while making movies. Nicholas Cage is number 8 on the list with 22 vehicles destroyed.

At number 7 is Daniel Craig, who has the James Bond franchise to thank for his 24 vehicles destroyed on the big screen. Of those 24, Craig was only behind the wheel for 20 of those crashes. Tom Hardy is next on the list with 26 vehicles under his belt. Interestingly, Hardy was only reportedly behind the wheel of only two of those wrecks. John Wick star Keanu Reeves takes the fifth spot in the Most Dangerous Drivers Hollywood study with 30 vehicles, 21 of which he was behind the wheel for.

Matt Damon is at number 4 with 35 on-screen wrecks, thanks to the Bourne franchise. Over 30 of said wrecks happened while Matt Damon was portraying Jason Bourne, who should probably take some fictional driving lessons from Tom Cruise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is number 3 with a surprising 52 wrecks. One would have thought that Schwarzenegger would have been the undisputed king of wrecks, but Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel ended up having more. With that being said, Arnold was chosen as the number one celebrity to take on an alien invasion, so he definitely has a leg up on his competition with that. The Scrap Car Comparison website is responsible for the Most Dangerous Drivers study.

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