Vancouver Canucks winger Elias Pettersson is known for his quick shot. One fan was made very aware of it on Monday in Philadelphia.

As the Canucks warmed up for their game against the Flyers, Pettersson fired a quick shot on net. It banged off the crossbar and into the stands, hitting a Vancouver fan watching. She did not appear to be injured by the play.

The Swedish forward noticed what happened and immediately went to make up for it. Racing over to the bench, Pettersson grabbed a sharpie and wrote out an apology on a Canucks baseball cap before bringing flipping it over the glass to the fan.

Teammate Bo Horvat also had some warm-up troubles at the arena. He wanted to give another Canucks fan a puck, but the protective netting at Wells Fargo Center stood in his way. But Jacob Markstrom helped him get the fan the souvenir.

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