The satirical Afrikaans electronic duo, VAN PLETZEN, released their debut album Kak Lekke Vibe world-wide on 23rd March 2018.  From the outset their mission has been to spread “lekker” vibes and judging by their brilliantly hilarious social media videos, they are doing exactly that.

To warm up for the release of their debut album, Van Pletzen released music videos for Eiland Styl and Goud in 2017.  Now the guys are back with a pumping music video for their first single, Die Beats Amazing (The Beats’ Amazing) featuring their favourite rapper and friend, the magnificent Early B.

Van Pletzen was so taken by Early B, that the rapper is featured on four of the songs on the album.  “We are huge Early B fans and we feel that he really brings it on this song.  He spits flames and throws smoke!” says Peach.

“Sometimes you have to tell a thing like it is.” Van Pletzen

The song starts with the lyrics “sh*t, die beats amazing”. Peach van Pletzen explains: “The beat for this song is amazing, so I thought let’s establish that in the lyrics first. That’s how lekker this beat is.”

Peach goes on to explain that this song also contains his favourite lyrics on the album by Early B: “Ek’s min gespin soos nat wasgoed.”  The lyrics loosely translates to “not spun like wet washing”; meaning “I’m not easily worried”.

Peach says that he applies this sentiment to his everyday life in his quest to reach “a permanent state of lekkerness”.

Watch Die Beats Amazing featuring Early B here:

Die Beats Amazing is a song about knowing where you are going without ever forgetting where you are from… to the tune of one truly amazing beat! This comes through in the second verse where Peach recounts his Hotbox days in Pretoria during the time when he and Francois van Coke were collectively known as Oorlog Frankenstein.

**The music video was filmed by Louis Minnaar.

Get the Kak Lekke Vibe album:

Van Pletzen LIVE

Van Pletzen is spreading their amazingness to all your favourite festivals!  They are playing at Innibos in June, Oppikoppi in July and Lentedag in Pretoria on 26th September.




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