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United Airlines suspends pilot who allegedly praised Hamas terrorists as ‘brave people’ on October 7

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United Airlines has suspended one of its pilots after disturbing comments he reportedly posted to social media on October 7 calling Hamas terrorists “brave people” resurfaced online.

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Ibrahim R. Mossallam allegedly praised Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, which killed 1,200 people, took around 240 hostage — including elderly Holocaust survivors — as acts of “resistance from brave people who have endured decades of occupation,” according to the account Stop Antisemitism on X.

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Mossallam also allegedly wrote that “mass media is heavily politicized and skewed to show a non-occupying narrative of Palestine,” and went on to say that the October 7 attacks, which saw babies burnt alive, were not “unprovoked.”

The United Airlines pilot allegedly urged people to “expand their media literacy,” and to do their “due diligence,” when it came to judging the actions of Hamas terrorists.

United Airlines confirmed that Mossallam has been suspended from flying with the company.

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“This pilot has been removed from service, with pay, while we look into this matter,” a spokesperson told The Post Monday.

Social media users blasted United and Mossallam for his alleged antisemitic comments.

“How can Jewish passengers feel safe with this man flying their plane?” the Stop Antisemitism account asked.

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United Airlines pilot Ibrahim R. Mossallam has been suspended after allegedly praising Hamas terrorists as “brave people.”
United Airlines pilot Ibrahim Mossallam allegedly praised Hamas terrorists on October 7.

“I am never getting on another United flight until this pilot is fired!” wrote X user Mor Hogeg.

A man reached at a number for Mossallam directed questions to CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.

He sits on the organization’s board of directors, according to The Daily Mail.

Mossallam is also on the board of CAIR according to the Daily Mail, CAIR has not responded to a request for comment at this time.

CAIR did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Mossallam is not the first pilot to find himself grounded after allegedly posting antisemitic statements to social media, Air Canada placed First Officer Mostafa Ezzo on a no-fly list after he wrote “F–k you Israel. Burn in hell,” on Instagram.

According to CAIR’s website, Mossallam serves on their board of directors, the organization has. not responded to The Post.

Others have found themselves in professional hot water over antisemitic displays, NYC public defender Victoria Ruiz was forced to resign after she was caught tearing down posters of hostages held captive by Hamas.

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