An attendee at a drum a bass event in the U.K. has reportedly died after consuming MDMA and being unable to access water at the venue. The teenage University student fell ill at The Assembly in Leamington. It is believed the attendee consumed MDMA in the form of a “Red Bull” pill. 

Reports from fellow attendees suggest the club’s environment was overcrowded and had poor ventilation. Patrons say water at the venue became increasingly unaccessible. A single jug of water was available to patrons to fill their cups. When that ran out, bottled water being sold at the venue ran out shortly thereafter. Staff then reportedly denied patrons the opportunity to have their bottles and cups refilled at the bar. 

Fellow attendees were alerted to the distress of the teen when he was seen convulsing on the dance floor. One attendee told, “At first I thought it was a fight, when I looked closer he was convulsing and having some sort of seizure.”

A number of other attendees also believed to have taken the drug were admitted to local area hospitals, though they are not believed to have fatal injuries at this time. Warwick District Council has initiated an investigation into the incident.