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Tiger King NFT Collection Is Coming Tomorrow Despite Joe Exotic’s Objections

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Joe Exotic is not happy with his former business partner. Jeff Lowe is moving forward with an announced Tiger King NFT art collection drop tomorrow, despite Exotic, whose real name is Joesph Maldonado-Passage, having raised some legal objections to the idea.

Joe Exotic, the main subject of Netflix’s viral hit streaming documentary Tiger King, had his legal team send a cease and desist letter to Lowe. But the man isn’t listening to the imprisoned zookeeper’s requests. Exotic wants the NFT collection launch “immediately shut down”. As of this moment, Jeff Lowe is not heeding those wishes.

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Jeff Lowe is teasing the NFT collection on Instagram. He insists on pressing forward with the non-fungible token art auction. Lowe is conducting the auction alongside his wife Lauren Lowe. You can see some of the art in the instagram post, which looks like baseball cards. Apparently, there are 100 of these NFT digital cards coming. Jeff Lowe and his wife appear on card 002/100 and the couple is listed on the digital card as ‘King & Queen’.

The description on the card reads, “Jeff and Lauren Lowe with their favorite big cats, Jax, the male African Lion and Jon Snow, the male White Bengal Tiger, conquering Las Vegas.” Joe Exotic is on card 001/100 and is seen holding a golden gun with a sleeping tiger at his feet. The digital art card reads, “The Tiger King gets dethroned at the Wynnewood Zoo. Joe fearlessly defends his pride at all costs. Will Joe Exotic ever reign again?”

The centerpiece of this NFT digital art collection is the ‘JoeBox’ by Baoeich. This one-of-a-kind crypto collectible created exclusively for the blockchain comes with the chance to win an invite for up to three guests to a meet and greet with Jeff and Lauren Lowe. The sale/auction opens at 5:00 pm EST on April Fools’ Day, which should maybe raise a few red flags. But its assured that this is an authentic NFT auction. The auction will last three full days, ending on April 4 at 5:00 pm.

Lauren Lowe is claiming that her and her husband are the only known entity in the United States who officially own the Tiger King trademark, which Joesph Maldonado-Passage allegedly signed over to them back in 2016, before the Netflix documentary even came out.

The Tiger King auction is taking place on Rarible, a marketplace for non-fungible token art. Joe Exotic is currently in the midst of a 22-year prison term, serving time in a federal pen on charges of animal abuse and murder-for-hire. Exotic allegedly hired a hit man to take out Carol Baskin. It’s assumed that Baskin is amongst the other 98 cards in the digital set. This news dropped at TMZ. if you want to get a better understanding of what an NFT actually is, watch the SNL NFT music video featuring Pete Davidson as Eminem.

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