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These New Baby Yoda Shoes Will Bring the Power of the Force to Your Feet

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Baby Yoda sneaks are coming just in time for summer. And they promise to bring the Force of comfort to your feet. One of the biggest hits to come out on Disney+ was The Mandalorian. As opposed to the rather divisive reaction that the sequel trilogy has received, reviews of The Mandalorian have been predominantly positive, though not without its fair share of controversy. Officially it tells the tale of a galactic bounty hunter known as Din Dijarin (Pedro Pascal), aka The Mandalorian. Though, as everyone is aware, the true star of the show and the one responsible for a great deal of the show’s popularity is one Grogu, aka The Child. Still, good luck finding anyone who would refer to him as anything other than Baby Yoda.

It is safe to say that, in the wake of the release of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has been everywhere. Besides hilarious internet videos and memes parodying the character’s actions across the first two seasons of the show, we have seen several pieces of Star Wars merchandise that carry the image of the adorable, green, fifty-year-old infant with cosmic powers. Recently it has been announced that the latest thing to come out in this long line of materials is new sneakers.

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The Child Mandalorian Shoes Image #1

These new The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes are not only officially licensed but exclusive as well. The maker of these shoes is, which has several more The Child products for people to enjoy. Such as keychains, action figures, coffee mugs, tee shirts, backpacks, and so much more. This merchandise also includes pieces depicting Baby Yoda alongside his adopted father figure Din Djarin, or all by himself.

The official description says that The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes will “feature a green and black color scheme with accents of white and pink to bring the face of the enigmatic ‘Grogu‘ to life. Lace-up into snuggly Star Wars style thanks to the cushy feel that will keep you feeling the Force (of comfort).” Also found on the site is that the shoe’s material is all man-made with faux leather uppers, vinyl soles, all-over printed graphics, and cushioned foam insoles.

The Child Mandalorian Shoes Image #2

As The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes are unisex, they can be enjoyed by males and females, regardless of gender. The website lists the shoe size range from size 5s at 9 1/4″ to size 12s at 11″. Which should allow anyone with a love for Baby Yoda to purchase them. Though sadly for those dying to have this product on their feet, anyone who wants a pair will have to wait a little while longer.

As of right now, the shoe’s estimated delivery date is the end of July. Right now, the official price for The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes is only $39.99 and available for pre-order. Though unfortunately for some, pre-orders cannot be purchased or shipped with any other item, nor are they eligible for discounts. Full payment is required in order to purchase the item, and a confirmation email will be sent out once The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes have shipped. The information in this article initially comes courtesy of Nerdist and

The Child Mandalorian Shoes Image #1
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