Today sees the release of the third official EP from THE WATERMARK HIGH, entitled BRIGHT BLACK. The EP follows last week’s release of Saudade, the first single and music video from the EP.

BRIGHT BLACK (which was preceded by THE WATERMARK HIGH’s previous two EP’s, In Flux 2012 and Murmurs 2013) was mostly written between August and November 2013. The EP was written and produced in his bedroom where he also mixed it, during December 2013 and January 2014. Jacob Israel mastered it in Pretoria, at his studio, Benjamin.

The main inspiration and motivation for THE WATERMARK HIGH over the last two years has been to develop his own sound – to take all his influences and things around him and to work them into something that is his – to make the music that he would like to hear and to express himself.

“I feel that I have been getting closer to achieving this with every EP. I love mixing genres and to try and come up with something new. ‘Bright Black’ is all about genre-muddling and forward thinking. It’s about being hard to pigeon-hole or describe, much like the EP’s title; it’s very subjective and could mean and sound like different things to different people, which is the idea and what I love about it.”

BRIGHT BLACK is a progression on Murmurs – THE WATERMARK HIGH focused on a wider variety of music, from slower jams to more energetic tracks, and also songs which can be described as more dreamy and melancholic, while others are more bold and experimental. It is also the first time he has worked with a lot of vocal samples, something he has only dabbled with in the past.

“I’ve also gotten closer to settling on some of the instruments and sounds that I think sound like The Watermark High, especially synth-wise. So I tried to use those throughout the EP to kind of tie things together, although it is still very much mixed with chopped samples and different kinds of beats and ‘dusty’ ambiance, which I feel is a big part of my sound.”

BRIGHT BLACK Track Listing:

1. Saudade
2. Muddle
3. Weak End
4. (W)hole
5. Welcome To The Resistance
6. The Outsider

Download BRIGHT BLACK EP here for a price of your choice, or for free:

Watch the music video for the first single, SAUDADE, here:







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