The Top 10 artists of season 17 were announced on NBC’s The Voice on Tuesday night, following Monday’s Top 11 performances where contestants sang songs chosen by their fans. Eight artists were automatically voted through, and the bottom two vote-getters had to face-off in an Instant Vote for the final slot. Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson awaited the results.

The first two artists voted through were Team Blake’s Ricky Duran and Team John’s Katie Kadan.

After Team John performed “How Deep Is Your Love,” more results came in. Team Gwen’s Rose Short and Team Kelly’s Jake Hoot, who was the most streamed artist overnight, both made it into the Top 10.

Stefani performed a medley of some of her songs from her debut studio album, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Eve also showed up to sing on “Rich Girl.”

Team Gwen’s Joana Martinez and Team John’s Will Breman also advanced to the Top 10. Then, Team Blake took the stage for a performance of “Taking Care of Business.”

The last artists voted through were Team John’s Marybeth Byrd, Team Blake’s Kat Hammock and Team Kelly’s duo Hello Sunday. That left Team Kelly’s Shane Q and Team Gwen’s Myracle Holloway to sing for the Instant Save. It was a surprising position for Holloway to be in.

Shane Q first sang “Jealous,” and he worked through the nerves, delivering an entertaining and fresh performance that was better than his previous night’s.

Holloway sang “You Are So Beautiful,” and it was also a stellar performance. She overcame the high-pressure situation to give a performance that was emotional and impressive on a technical level. Shane Q won out in the end, and Holloway was eliminated, which was a big loss for Team Gwen.

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