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The Suicide Squad Is Just a ‘Hair’s-Breadth’ from Being Finished Says James Gunn

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James Gunn says that The Suicide Squad is almost finished. Hopes were high for 2016’s Suicide Squad, but it wasn’t exactly what DC fans were expecting. However, it was a major hit at the box office, which meant that the studio was going to bring the team back at some point down the line, regardless of who was behind the camera. Gunn stepped up to write and direct The Suicide Squad for the studio, which only brings back a few of the characters from David Ayer’s movie.

HBO Max released a teaser of their upcoming 2021 release slate over the weekend, which included The Suicide Squad. This led to fans hitting up James Gun for a status report. When responding to one fan this afternoon, the director said, “I am a hair’s-breadth from being completely finished.” It appears that Gunn was able to get everything he needed from the cast during the principal photography stage, which wrapped right before the pandemic changed the world.

James Gunn did not elaborate any further on his progress on The Suicide Squad. However, he did answer another fan question about a possible trailer over the weekend. Gunn said that the reason a trailer has not been released is due to the fact that movie theaters, for the most part, are still closed, which is where people normally see trailers. Gunn then said, “I know, I know. You want the trailer. Or the teaser. Or more news. Or who the baddie is (they ALL are the baddies but also…) Anyway this will all be with you in due time, I’m working on cool stuff for you, but please be patient!”

In addition to getting close to completely finishing The Suicide Squad, James Gunn found time to start up work on the spin-off series Peacemaker. Gunn is back to having a full plate, which seems to be how he likes it. Between his work with Marvel Studios and collaboration with DC, Gunn has kept himself extremely busy over the years. Once he finishes with The Suicide Squad promotional campaign, he’ll jump right into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting a long time for.


James Gunn announced over the weekend that work on Peacemaker has officially started. He said, “5 months ago, while quarantining, I started writing a TV series, mostly for fun, in-between Guardians drafts & cutting The Suicide Squad. I wrote the 1st season of Peacemaker in 8 weeks. And now, here I am, on the 1st day of shooting. Life is surreal. Let’s go (& go safely!)” As of this writing, it is unclear when DC fans will see the upcoming spin-off series, but it shouldn’t be too long after the release of The Suicide Squad. You can check out James Gunn’s official Twitter update on the movie above.

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