STX Films has released a new trailer for The Secret Garden. This serves as an adaptation of the classic novel of the same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This is a book that has been adapted several times in the past.

To freshen things up a bit, the filmmakers behind this particular adaptation, which include Harry Potter producer David Heyman, have decided to bring it into a new setting. Specifically, the 1940s. To add a little prestige, they’ve also added Oscar-winner Colin Firth in a leading role. This trailer aims to make a case for the new take.

The trailer kicks off by showing us an orphan girl who is sent away to live with her uncle in a large manor. Unfortunately, her uncle, at least at first, doesn’t seem to be the most welcoming gentleman. She soon discovers the infamous secret garden and things get whimsical. There are grand music cues, adventure, lush imagery and an overall fantastical feel. It certainly seems to be attempting to capture more of a Peter Pan vibe, and definitely seems different enough, based on this first footage anyway, from previous iterations.

Marc Munden is in the director’s chair for this one. Munden is known best for his work on TV shows such as Black Sails, Utopia and National Treasure. Jack Thorne adapted the 1911 novel for the screen. Thorne’s previous credits include Wonder, as well as shows like Skins and His Dark Materials. David Heyman, one of the key producers of the Harry Potter franchise, as well as the Paddington movies, is on board as well. Rosie Alison, Jane Robertson, Ron Halpern, Didier Lupfer and Dan MacRae also serve as producers.

The Secret Garden is set in England during a new time period in 1947 and centers on a young orphan girl who, after being sent to live with her uncle, discovers a magical garden on the grounds of his estate. The original book tells the tale of Mary Lennox, a young English girl who returns to England from India after suffering the immense trauma of losing both of her parents in a cholera epidemic. Her memories of her parents are unpleasant as they were largely neglectful. Mary is entrusted into the care of an uncle who she’s never met. Mary eventually softens on her uncle upon learning of his troubled past.

Like many classic works of literature, this has been adapted many times over the years, with the first movie being produced in 1919. It was adapted for the big screen several other times in 1949 and 1993. Colin Firth won an Oscar for his work in The King’s Speech and recently appeared in the Best Picture nominee 1917. Firth is joined by newcomer Dixie Egerickx, who is leading the way as Mary, as well as Julie Walters (Billy Elliot, Mama Mia). The Secret Garden doesn’t yet have a release date set, but STX Films says it will hit theaters soon. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb