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The Mandalorian Fans Want Pedro Pascal as Gomez in Tim Burton’s Addams Family TV Reboot

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The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal is the latest name to emerge with an online fan campaign for him to play Gomez Addams in Tim Burton’s reboot of The Addams Family. The fan excitement for the possibility has increased exponentially in recent days, following Pascal closing out the second season of The Mandalorian with an incredible episode that still has social media buzzing. While he’ll be back as Din Djarin in the Star Wars show’s third season, many fans are also calling for him to portray the next live-action Gomez.

“But have we considered @PedroPascal1 as Gomez Addams for The Addams Family reboot?” ponders a popular post on Twitter, including a photo of Pascal in a tux.

Says another fan, “Someone said that @PedroPascal1 should play Gomez Addams and I just… I need this to happen.”

“PEDRO PASCAL AS GOMEZ ADDAMS PLEASE IM BEGGING,” says another fan, emphasizing a clear desire to see the dream casting happen by the use of all caps.

“I keep seeing it floating around the FB, and I have to agree,” tweets another fan of Pascal. “‘I must implore y’all to consider Pedro Pascalas Gomez Addams!!’ We know he can do drama and comedy. All that’s left is fencing and dancing the Mamushka!”

One fan even goes so far as to suggest a crossover between The Mandalorian and The Addams Family by writing, “Let’s make The Addams Family part of the Star Wars lore. Gomez is Mando in retirement.”

When it was first announced that Burton was developing a new take on The Addams Family, a fan campaign launched for frequent collaborator Johnny Depp to get the role. Oscar Isaac, who voices Gomez in the animated Addams Family movies, would later emerge as a popular choice from fans on social media. While many fans were on board with the idea of Isaac as a live-action Gomez, the suggestion of Pascal in the role has made it much more difficult for some to know who’s really best for the part.

“I’ve had Oscar Isaac fancast as Gomez Addams for so long and now someone said Pedro Pascal and idk how I’m supposed to make decisions,” one tweet reads.

John Astin was the first actor to play a live-action version of Gomez when The Addams Family was adapted as a black-and-white TV series in 1964. He later reprised the role for an animated series adaptation in the early ’90s. The late Raul Julia famously played Gomez in the first movie adaptation based on the series, a role he reprised in the sequel Addams Family Values. Tim Curry would also play the part in the 1998 movie Addams Family Reunion and Glenn Taranto played Gomez in the short-lived Canadian sitcom The New Addams Family.

There’s no word yet on who will be playing any of the characters in Burton’s planned reboot of The Addams Family. Until casting announcements are made, we’re likely to see more dream casting possibilities like this popping up on social media. Who knows who Burton will ultimately cast, but a look at social media will give him a couple of popular names to choose from.

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