Wrestler and actor Leroy Kincaide makes his directorial debut with The Last Rite, and the official trailer has been released. Set to drop on Nov. 26 from Samuel Goldwyn Films, the exorcism movie is inspired by true events and held its world premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest 2021. You can check out the trailer below.

The Last Rite stars Bethan Waller (Red Bird), Johnny Fleming (Soho), Kit Smith (Echoes), Tara Hoyos – Martinez (Trust), Ian Macnaughton (Monty Python’s Flying Circus), David Kerr (The Crown), Deborah Blake (Billionaire Boy). Leroy Kincaide directed and wrote the screenplay. Kincaide also prdouced with Chloe Chudasama.


The synopsis reads, “Lucy, a study from home medical student and sleep paralysis victim, moves in with her boyfriend and finds out all is not as it seems, when she falls prey to a demonic force hell bent on ripping her apart from within. Torn between sanity and the unknown, Lucy is left with no alternative but to contact a local priest, Father Roberts for help. With time running out and the dark force consuming her from inside, Father Roberts is forced to make a choice, do the right thing and get the church involved, or help Lucy by conducting his own exorcism against the will of the church.”

The Last Rite poster

“I feel incredibly excited and thrilled to have my debut feature film find its home with the prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Films,” says the director. “After all the blood & sweat equity that has gone into making The Last Rite possible, it feels great that the American audience will soon be able to watch my tale of a supernatural horror.”


A former professional wrestler who held championship gold in the UK, Leroy Kincaide has since switched his focus to working on both sides of the camera. He has directed a handful of short films, including Max Payne: Retribution based on the video game, with The Last Rite serving as his directorial debut for a feature. He appeared as an actor in the Amazon series Jack Ryan and has roles in the upcoming titles We Are Soldier, Wolves of War, and Back 2 Back.

“My inspirations for The Last Rite came from a few places, some of my biggest draws on the story was my own personal life experiences with sleep paralysis and paranormal happenings,” Kincaide said of the movie to Starburst Magazine. “Not only were my personal experiences relevant, but I am very heavily influenced by real life cases of the supernatural also. Many hours of research and digging around led me down a very interesting and dark path, and one that I firmly believe as much as we live in this world there are forces that we do not understand, and sometimes when we look into the void of darkness, the darkness looks back at us.”


He added, “With such a heavy life experience on things, it just absolutely made sense to direct ‘an inspired by true events’ story in an area that I not only love but also have some experience with… and thus, The Last Rite was born.”

The Last Rite is set to be released on Nov. 26, 2021. This news comes to us courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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