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The Boys Fans Really Want Karl Urban as the MCU’s Wolverine

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Many fans of The Boys want to see Karl Urban take on the role of Wolverine for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and some interesting fan art and a deepfake video are only exacerbating those desires. A veteran actor very well-known for all kinds of well-acted but wildly-different roles, Urban has lately been killing it on the hit Amazon Original series as Billy Butcher, the leader of the titular group and one of television’s most badass characters.

Because we know that the X-Men are heading to the MCU at some point, there’s been a lot of speculation from fans over who could next play the iconic characters on the big screen. There’s been a particular focus on the role of Wolverine, who was famously played by Hugh Jackman in X-Men movies for nearly two decades. The part is currently up for grabs with no one yet officially cast, and some fans have been lobbying for Urban to get the part.

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On Instagram, multiple digital artists have created portraits of Urban as Wolverine. Some of the fan art imagines Karl Urban in more of a classic Wolverine costume with and without the mask, and his look alone certainly helps sell the concept. Other fan art imagines a more rugged take on the character outside of the superhero tights, and it’s pretty to imagine Urban as a new take on Logan.

Meanwhile, with so much fan interest in the concept, Urban was also digitally inserted into X-Men movie footage for an even better look at The Boys star in the role. Replacing fan favorite actor Hugh Jackman, Urban appears to fit seamlessly into the part. We can presume that the presentation of the superhero will be a bit different when a new iteration of Wolverine is introduced in the MCU, but given the different fan art along with the deepfake video, it seems clear that Urban would be a great fit for him regardless.

While there’s clearly an interest from fans in seeing Urban as Wolverine, casting him in the role would create a continuity problem. He has technically already made his debut in the MCU as the warrior Skurge in the 2017 sequel Thor: Ragnarok. Still, because his look as that character is far unlike that of Wolverine, it seems that a lot of Marvel fans would be willing to overlook Urban’s previous role.

It’s also worth mentioning that several other actors have played multiple characters in the MCU, including Alfre Woodard (Luke Cage, Captain America: Civil War), Gemma Chan (Captain Marvel, The Eternals), Mahershala Ali (Luke Cage, Blade), and obviously Stan Lee with his many memorable cameos.

Time will tell if Urban plays Wolverine or any other new characters in the MCU. For now, he can be seen in the popular Amazon Original series The Boys. The first two seasons of the show are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video and a third season is set to begin filming in early 2021. The deepfake video of Urban as Wolverine was posted online by stryder HD on YouTube.

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