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The Batman Is Almost Finished Filming After Several Delays

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Matt Reeves is starting to wrap production on The Batman. After months of starting and stopping, along with an extended and unexpected break, it seems that Reeves is preparing for the post-production process. The Batman was in the early stages of filming when the global public health crisis put a stop to it, along with any other major production that was happening back at the beginning of March. While they were forced to stop production, Reeves was able to create a trailer he debuted back in August that blew DC fans away.

Actor Jay Lycurgo confirmed that The Batman is wrapping production over the weekend. Lycurgo can be seen in The Batman trailer, wearing skull makeup, and crying. “Batman is wrapped for the crying thug,” says Lycurgo in the caption for the image. He did not offer up any other information in his social media post. Director Matt Reeves has been pretty silent on social media since September of this year, which is when production got into full swing again.

While The Batman is preparing to wrap production, it’s still going to be a while before DC fans get to the see the movie. Originally scheduled to open in October 2021, the long-awaited movie will now premiere in March 2022. This should give Matt Reeves plenty of time to get the movie dialed in while also preparing for the HBO Max prequel series, which just lost its showrunner. Terence Winter did not offer an explanation for stepping away from the project and the studio declined to comment. The hunt is currently on for a new showrunner for the TV spin-off.

The Batman prequel series does not have a release date yet, but it will premiere after the movie opens in theaters. The untitled series takes place during “Year One,” which is the first year in Bruce Wayne’s crimefighting career. It is believed that the show will focus on Gotham City law enforcement and their reaction to a masked vigilante running around on the streets, told through the eyes of a crooked cop. The series has DC fans excited to get a better look at the new version of Gotham City that Matt Reeves has created.


From the start, Matt Reeves has promised Batman fans that his movie was going to be unlike any of the other big screen appearances of the Caped Crusader. The first trailer for The Batman solidified those promises, and the untitled prequel series will likely go even further in developing the new version of Gotham City in the eyes of longtime fans. For now, it seems that Reeves will take a holiday break before diving back into the world of Bruce Wayne and Gotham City. While we wait for further confirmation from the director’s social media, you can check out Jay Lycurgo’s Instagram post about wrapping production on The Batman.

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