The Ballistics Releases Debut Music Video

The Ballistics is proud to announce the release of their debut music video for the song ‘No Harm’, created by Roundabout Films.

The music video release follows short on the heels of the band’s name change from Ballistic Blues to The Ballistics (see article here: The video was premiered at their name change show earlier this month at Aandklas in Stellenbosch and the band hopes that the crowd’s immense approval will be echoed by the broader public.

The Ballistics released their debut EP last year, containing five tracks including ‘No Harm’. Crowds caught on to this song the fastest and therefore making it the first single and music video song was an obvious choice. The band, together with Roundabout Films, decided on the concept and feel for the video after various options were weighed up. A touch of vintage in the form of a black and white video was selected, which links well with their music’s old-school blues flavour. The concept of the video is a look inside The Ballistics’ stage performances. The video serves as a portrayal of the energetic live persona that fans have become accustomed to when watching them perform. “It is that raw image of being on stage and playing your heart out and seeing other people enjoy it just as much”, the band explains. The shoot was filmed during a series of actual live shows over a period of a few months in 2013. The shoot venues included Aandklas, Mercury Live, V & H Music studio and The Table Mountain Blues Summit festival.

Cape Town based filmmaker, Barry de Villiers from Roundabout Films, is no stranger to the SA music scene. Making name for himself with videos for acts like Pretty Blue Guns, The Very Wicked and Lucy Kruger, his understanding of the industry helped to create the perfect video for The Ballistics. “The guy is truly a genius and the flavour he added gave a different dimension to the end product”, the band elaborates. The Ballistics says that seeing the music video for the first time made all the effort worth while. “You really get a sense of pride and you can laugh at all the weird things you do.”

Check out the video here:

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