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Teresa Giudice On ‘RHONJ’ Future Amid Major Cast Shakeup Rumors: “I’m Not Leaving, I Started The Show”

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Teresa Giudice is tackling rumors that she’s leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a new interview on Live with Kelly & Mark, Giudice talked about her future on the Bravo reality series after starring in it for 14 seasons.

“Really? Who put those rumors out there?” Giudice asked Kelly Ripa after the daytime talk show host asked if she was considering leaving RHONJ. “Maybe some of my cast members.”

Giudice continued, “No, I’m not leaving. I started the show and when Bravo wants me to leave, that’s when I’ll leave.”

The reality TV personality has been central to the drama on RHONJ since the show premiered on Bravo in 2009. The show has chronicled Giudice’s turbulent life, including her divorce, remarriage, and stint in prison.

Amid feuds among the RHONJ cast, executive producer Andy Cohen has hinted that Season 15 would likely have a cast shakeup. Some of the housewives refused to film with each other, which makes filming an ensemble show difficult on production.

One advocate for a cast shakeup is Giudice’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, who agrees with the network that the show needs to be revamped.

“I agree with Bravo that there needs to be changes… I agree with that 100 percent,” Melissa told ET. “I think things have gotten really toxic. There’s two of my cast members that have played really dirty behind the scenes and it’s coming out. It’s all coming out, because it always rises to the top, it always comes out in the laundry. It’s been years, so it’s all coming forward.”

Although Bravo hasn’t confirmed which housewives will return, one thing the cable network has confirmed is that there will be no reunion.

In her interview on the ABC morning show, Giudice said there would not be a reunion, but there will be something to give viewers closure to all the drama in Season 14.

“We’re having something,” Giudice said. “I don’t know what they’re calling it but we are doing something.”

Watch Giudice on Live with Kelly and Mark in the video below.

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