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SXSW Free Short Film Streaming Event #SupporttheShorts Returns

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Oscilloscope Laboratories will team up with Mailchimp again this year for the free streaming event #SupportTheShorts, showcasing a variety of short films from the SXSW Film Festival on the streaming platform Mailchimp Presents. The Support the Shorts initiative was launched last year when SXSW was canceled because of the pandemic, causing short filmmakers to miss out on having their work seen by such a large audience.

While SXSW returned this year with an online event, the decision was made to continue with Support the Shorts to keep many of the event’s short films in the spotlight. The short film event also will come with a new set of awards to recognize the titles that will be playing for free for people all around the world to see.

“We’re so proud to bring back Support the Shorts, a collection of short films from SXSW, for a second year!” Sarita Alami, Head of Programming, Mailchimp Studios, said in a statement. “Although the festival is back in an online format, we wanted to continue to find ways to support the SXSW filmmaker community and shine a light on their work. We’re particularly delighted to introduce a new set of awards to celebrate the filmmakers who are bringing works of art to our screens during the most unprecedented of times.”

Dan Berger, President, Oscilloscope Laboratories added, “It’s always exciting to be emboldened and enabled to do good work and we’re super grateful that Mailchimp and SXSW have allotted us that opportunity. There are so many fresh voices on display at SXSW and we appreciate Mailchimp taking the steps to enable those voices to be heard by the widest possible audience. We’re just pawns in this game, so thanks for inviting us to the board!”

“We are thrilled that Mailchimp Presents has returned for a second year to celebrate and support SXSW Short film programming by presenting a collection of short films from SXSW Online this year,” Janet Pierson, Director of Film, SXSW Film Festival, also said. “It’s fantastic that the creators are getting to share their work further, and rewarding for all of us that we get more time to enjoy this terrific new work.” You can check out the full slate of shorts below.

  • Narrative Shorts
  • Are You Still There? (directors/screenwriters: Rayka Zehtabchi & Sam Davis)
  • Chuj Boys of Summer (director: Max Walker-Silverman; screenwriters: Marcos Ordo&ñez Ixwalanhkej Mendoza & Max Walker-Silverman)
  • The Journey (director/screenwriter: &Ève Saint-Louis)
  • Marvin’s Never Had Coffee Before (director: Andrew Carter; screenwriters: Andrew Carter & Kahlil Maskati)
  • The Nipple Whisperer (director/screenwriter: Jan Van Dyck)
  • The Other Morgan (director/screenwriter: Alison Rich)
  • Plaisir (director/screenwriter: Molly Gillis)
  • Sales Per Hour (directors: Michelle Uranowitz & Daniel Jaffe; screenwriter: Michelle Uranowitz) Sisters (director/screenwriter: Jess Brunetto)
  • Squeegee (director/screenwriter: Morgan Krantz)
  • Documentary Shorts
  • Plant Heist (directors: Chelsi de Cuba & Gabriel de Cuba)
  • Ten Leaves Dilated (directors: Kate E. Hinshaw & Ebony Blanding)
  • Trade Center (director: Adam Baran)
  • Animated Shorts
  • Our Bed Is Green (director/screenwriter: Maggie Brennan)
  • Midnight Shorts
  • Flick (director/screenwriter: Ariel Zengotita)
  • Joanne Is Dead (director/screenwriter: Brian Sacca)
  • Puss (director/screenwriter: Leah Shore)
  • Reklaw (director/screenwriter: Polaris Banks)
  • Run That Shit! (director: Tristan Kim; screenwriters: Tristan Kim & Will Allyn Robinson) Significant Other (director/screenwriter: Quinn George)
  • Stuffed (director: Theo Rhys; screenwriters: Theo Rhys & Joss Holden-Rea)
  • A Tale Best Forgotten (director/screenwriter: Tomas Stark)
  • Texas Shorts
  • Malignant (directors: Morgan Bond & Nickolas Grisham; screenwriters: Nickolas Grisham & Curtis McOsker)
  • The Unlikely Fan (directors: Sai Selvarajan & Jeff Bednarz; screenwriter: Sai Selvarajan)
  • Texas High School Shorts
  • Beyond the Model (director: Jessica Lin)
  • Holographic Dreams (director: Satvik Shankar; screenwriter: Jackson Coates)
  • Episodic Pilots
  • Dale’s House (showrunner: Julie Lake; director: Kat Whalen; screenwriters: Matt Kirsch & Julie Lake; producers: Matt Kirsch, Julie Lake & Dana Fares)
  • For the Record (showrunner: Julian De Zotti; directors: Lisa Baylin & Julian De Zotti; screenwriter: Julian De Zotti; producer: Lisa Baylin)

All of these shorts are now streaming for free on Mailchimp. Last year’s Support the Shorts selections are also still available to watch on the site.

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