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Super Bowl DJ Kaskade Is Ready to Work With Taylor Swift: “Taylor, What’s Up?”

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Kaskade is ready to enter his Taylor Swift era.

The eight-time Grammy-nominated DJ-producer has remixed songs by Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and halftime show superstar Usher. He hasn’t worked his magic on a Swift track, but he’s ready for it.

Looking into the camera, he says: “Taylor, what’s up? Taylor, you don’t want that Kaskade treatment?”

“I got to call my girls over,” he added when asked which Swift song he’d like to remix. “I got three kids, all girls. Taylor Swift all day at my house.”

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Swift, who is dating Travis Kelce, was seen at the game with Blake Lively and Ice Spice. Kaskade, who has collaborated with Meghan Trainor, Skrillex and deadmau5, quickly filled in for Tiesto as the Super Bowl’s first in-game DJ on Sunday. He said he was “pretty stunned” when he got the call to perform.

“Just unbelievable, really,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “And I only found out maybe a day and a half before we made the announcement with the NFL, so it was very quick. This whole week has just been nonstop, man. It’s a blur. It’s crazy we’re standing here, actually.”

“I’m like, ‘Can I logistically pull this off? How many days do we got? Where’s my team? Can we get everything together?’ I was like, ‘All right, yeah. We can do this. Let’s go,’” he added.

Kaskade has performed for hundreds of thousands of fans at festivals and concerts, but he says preparing for the Super Bowl was a little different.

“My shows are more like a concert where I’m really showcasing music that I’ve written and produced or remixed. This is more of a traditional DJ set where I’m playing my hits mixed with some popular stuff to get the crowd hyped,” he says. “It’s a little different, but a lot of fun. Still standing in front of tens of thousands of people, playing in front of millions watching on TV. It’s pretty crazy.”

“The Super Bowl is the pinnacle, right? Kind of in American pop culture. As a kid, I grew up watching the Super Bowl every year. [I’ve been] following the Bears my whole life. It’s just like a dream being here, really,” he added. “At the peak. What happens after this?”

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