With a brand new teaser showing off Eleven’s new life in California recently dropping, we also have a very cool new poster for Stranger Things. The poster looks to be more of a tribute to the series than something strictly promoting the upcoming fourth season as it comes in the design of a map of the town of Hawkins. What it does do is show us just far the show has come as far as taking the story to multiple locations in season 4.

The poster was created by Kyle Lambert and it showcases the various locations audiences have seen throughout the series. We see such settings as Hawkins High and the Hawkins National Laboratory, which are depicted alongside a couple of Demogorgons. We also see the skyline of Chicago which takes us back to season 2 and episode “The Lost Sister.” Eagle-eyed fans can also see members of the gang in a few spots in the poster, riding their bikes and dressed as Ghostbusters characters.

Stranger Things 4 poster

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It’s great to see all the familiar locations but they are not the only ones found on the poster. The new Byers household we saw in the new teaser is shown, as well as the Russian facility that Hopper (David Harbour) is being held in. Yes, he is alive and well and with the Russians …again.

The poster was unveiled as a part of Stranger Things Day, a fan celebration for all things Stranger Things held by Netflix to commemorate the fateful day that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) went missing in the Upside Down. Also unveiled from the celebration is a new trailer along with a list of all nine episode titles for the new season.

Now we don’t have an official release date for season 4 just yet (yes we have to wait again). But I would bet that the official day would be announced soon based on all the hype and the long, I mean long, wait we have had in between seasons. We know the final season’s episode titles, and that it is coming out in 2022, but exactly which day? That is the big question.

The show has been highly talked about since it made its debut on Netflix. However, with multiple delays and pushbacks due to the pandemic, many fans have been expressing their frustration over just how long it has been. Hopefully, now that the new season is coming and talks of the final season being in the works, we won’t have to wait so long to see what happens.

Check out the new poster and let us know what you think of it. Also who is ready for Season Four? I know I am and have been since season 3 ended way back when. Stranger Things 4 will arrive on Netflix in the summer of 2022.

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