Stanley June Releases ‘Imitating Art’ Official Music Video

The wait is over at last! Stanley June just released his fourth official music video – the title track of his debut album, ‘Imitating Art’.

The video was launched this past weekend at The Bohemian in Johannesburg, where an eager crowd of more than a hundred people saw the video for the first time. Stanley June also performed with a full band on the night to celebrate the video’s release. Fellow JHB acts, Scarlotte Will and Carri Wolfe, shared the stage with the Stanley June Band.

Instead of taking the whole video making process on his own shoulders like with Stanley’s three previous videos, he had a few helping hands from friends in the film industry this time around. Gideon le Roux (AFDA graduate) took on the responsibility of Director of Photography and assisted greatly to transform Stanley’s vision for the video into reality. Stanley took the editing task upon himself to make sure the end result is as close to possible to his envisioned idea.

I would describe the video with these words: Innovative. Dangerous. Artful. It’s something we have not seen in local videos before.

Azola Alutha Kwezi – Feedback Musiq

The concept of the song and video revolves around looking at everyday situations with a fresh approach. “Sometimes a change in your surroundings can lead to an array of new discoveries. I tried to convey this idea with the video,” Stanley explains.  The video was entirely shot underwater with the use of a GoPro. This made the filming of the video extra challenging, as Stanley sung most of the lyrics. His shots alone took about five hours of continuous filming. The scenes also depict various characters and scenario’s to imitate art so to speak. Expect to see a ballerina, clown, karate kid and more…

The video follows on the heels of Stanley’s ‘City of Angels’ music video, which already has over 7 000 views on YouTube.

Watch the video here:


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