Someone must have ordered a superhero, as Spider-Man himself has just been captured on video “swinging through the hoods of NYC.” On Twitter, there’s a new video that’s been going viral as it depicts — sort of — how Spider-Man would appear if the superhero were to exist in real life. Of course, while this “Spidey” has the costume right, he had to use ropes instead of Spider-Man’s patented web-shooters. There’s also no explanation as to why Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was the music chosen for the video, but odd music aside, the video is highly entertaining.

It’s not unusual to see everyday citizens dressing up like famous superheroes. There are some who do it professionally by charging tourists money for photographs with them in costume. Many more do it for the love of the characters through cosplay, suiting up as their favorite Marvel or DC superheroes to attend fan conventions or just for fun photoshoots. Still, it’s rather unusual to see any of these costumed superheroes actually flying through the air, even when using the assistance of ropes. It’s fun to watch, certainly especially so for those in NYC able to witness it in person, but as this man isn’t the real Spider-Man, people online have been showing genuine concern for his safety.

The viral video comes just days after the occasion known as National Spider-Man Day, which celebrates the creation of the classic Marvel superhero. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the web-slinger first appeared in comic books 58 years ago. Nearly six decades later, the superhero remains one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. He has been featured in a variety of movies and television programs in addition to his consistent comic book appearances. Every Halloween is bound to feature multiple Spider-Man costumes in the crowd as well, with Spidey is a huge fan favorite for children and adults alike.

Seeing a man swinging from a rope in a Spider-Man costume might be enjoyable for eleven seconds, but those wanting more can look forward to Tom Holland reprising the role of Peter Parker in the MCU’s next Spider-Man movie. As of now, the movie is scheduled to be released on Dec. 17, 2021. We’ll also be able to see more of the many versions of Spider-People featured in the hit animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, as an official sequel is in the works along with at least one spinoff movie.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem to be clear who’s responsible for the latest Spider-Man stunt in NYC, or if the individual in the costume plans on doing any more swinging from the rooftops of tall buildings. Maybe the video going viral will lead the cosplayer to feel that great responsibility comes along with this great power, and will feel compelled to make more videos. Let’s just hope he stays safe and doesn’t push his luck. The video of the NYC Spidey comes to us from @HiMyNameIsK3vin on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb