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Spider-Man: No Way Home Whiteboard Decoded: What Does It All Mean?

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After all this wait and a day of decoding the fake titles Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Tom Holland posted earlier on their respective Instagram accounts, we finally have the official title for the third Spiderman film, and it’s called Spider-man: No Way Home. And that was some cool way to reveal the title as well. Not via an official announcement, but via a short video in which Spider-Man stars discuss how Jon Watts gave them fake titles earlier. As the actors discuss how Holland has previously given spoilers, the camera leaves them and zooms in on a whiteboard where the executives have written different title suggestions before settling down for No Way Home. Take a look a the reveal below:

And here’s that whiteboard that’s giving out hints for us geeks to decode.

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Spider-Man No Way Home Whiteboard

Or probably they are all jokes from Jon Watts and the other producers. But certainly, we can’t wait till December to find out. So let’s check out what other “fake titles” Jon Watts and the team suggested besides Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The Jokes

Some suggestions are crossed off immediately, as they do not seem to have any significance to the established Spider-man backstory within the MCU. If you look at the right side of the board, “Stay At Home ” and “Zooming Home” have been crossed out, with a plea to “STOP” from the executives. Then, of course, there’s “WEBCAMMING” which is too “mature” for a teenage superhero cause web-camming could mean a lot of naughty stuff (am laughing!). Plus, it hasn’t got the word “Home” in it so whoever came up with that would like to stay anonymous. Moreover, Aunt May has specifically denied any chance that Peter could be “Homeschooled”.

No “Homesick”

The board gives a nod to the ongoing pandemic, which has also resulted in the delay of the film’s release itself. Someone on the board has suggested “Homesick” as a suitable title, with a red Spiderman face enclosed in what seems like the COVID-19 virus. The response is just “Ugghhhh”, as for obvious reasons, the makers won’t take this reference to the theatres after the chaos this pandemic has caused worldwide.

Homemade is “Too Cutesy”

The title “Homemade” is wiped off as “Too Cutesy”; in reality, the title just doesn’t make any sense. Besides, someone wrote “Homerun” on the board and decided to give the letter “o” a sports ball touch, but that didn’t go down well with the execs. After all, Peter is a nerd, mostly into maths and physics, so sports kinda don’t fit his personality.

At the top, there’s a title, saying “Can’t Find Home” which has been marked with a “What?” as probably no one got it. Jokingly, there’s this cubical structure beneath this title. This could be a reference to the Tesseract, which holds the Space Stone, which can teleport you to anywhere you like. Finding a home isn’t that tough in the MCU.


If you notice right between “Homerun” and “Homemade”, you can see a hexagonal fluid-like structure, with branches panning out of all the corners. It might be a nod to Venom, not when he gets into a symbiotic bond with Eddie Brock, but the alien symbiote itself.

Venom is a black fluid-like creature, who can hatch onto any host. Remember the forgettable Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. The final scene of Venom is of the creature with his branches spreading around, ready to devour his nemesis; however, he is vaporized with a blast from Harry’s glider’s bomb, taking Eddie along with him. The little drawing just reminds me of that scene. Though the resemblance is just minutely relatable, it will be good if there’s even a single nod to Venom, especially after Tom Hardy’s Venom is also mildly connected to MCU now.

Copyright Issues

The title “Home Alone” is scrapped due to McCulkay Culkin’s series of films of the same name. Also, “No Place Like Home” is technically trademarked. So, these two titles are completely off the charts right from the beginning.

Other declined titles are “Work From Home” (probably someone wanted to tease the current work scenario across the globe). Then there’s “Wanna Go Home” which the makers say, “We’re already there”. So, this time, Spider-Man: No Way Home would see Peter in New York, struggling with his disclosed identity.

Multiverse is BORING?

One of the most eye-catching titles on the whiteboard is “Homeworlds”, which is crossed like some big-time error and labeled “Boring”. Notably, Homeworlds was the most speculated title for the threequel, given all the details that were indicating a multiverse-themed storyline. This is a fun way for Jon Watts and the team to acknowledge fan theories, and jokingly saying they don’t mean anything to them.

But unless the wind around Alfred Molina’s and Jamie Foxx’s return in their roles from past Spiderman franchises is cleared, we are not giving hopes on all Spideys collaborating for this venture.

Hexagons All Along!

You see hexagons anywhere these days, you just go back to WandaVision in your head. WandaVision’s Westview anomaly is called “Hex”, the reason being the entire area within the anomaly is hexagonal and so are the portions of the energy field barrier Wanda has created across the Hex.

The fact that WandaVision will connect with Doctor Strange in the Madness of Multiverse, and Doc Strange will first appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home; these hexagons can mean that there would be some kind of connection between the series and the upcoming threequel. What if that big cameo Paul Bettany referred to hasn’t happened yet on WandaVision is Tom Holland? Though Paul Bettany says he hasn’t worked with that surprise actor before, whereas, Holland and Bettany both were in Infinity War; however, they never shared a scene.

No Way Home: The Main Title

No Way Home has very significant meaning in context to the Spider-Man lore within the MCU. In Far From Home Peter is exposed and is also accused of murdering Mysterio. This would mean that he has “no way to go home”, as in his normal life. Being a superhero, with his identity exposed, it’ll be tough for him to settle in his friendly neighborhood.

However, Peter, being a registered superhero under the Sokovia Accords and having both Fury (or Talos) and Happy Hogan watching his six, will certainly get some help in that regard. Also, it may introduce Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in the MCU films as his attorney; something which has also been put out in theories.

The title could also be a reference to the colliding multiverses, which would leave Holland’s Peter lost in some different dimension, way away from home with no option to return.

Still, in any of the two scenarios, Peter will have to fight to achieve a state of normalcy in his life and get back to being the”friendly neighborhood Spiderman” from being a murdering menace to society. And No Way Home is a significantly purposeful title to tease something like that.

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