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Monday, September 25, 2023

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sophie meiers drops new track, “untangle me”

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sophie meiers has dropped their new single, “untangle me.” They also shared a visualizer alongside the song.

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“untangle me” was released via Epitaph Records.

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“untangle me” is a melancholy, slightly fuzzy garage-rock lullaby. meiers’ airy voice is all but consumed in the static of their accompaniment, adding further to the track’s hazy, dreamlike atmosphere. The amount of room in the song allows listeners to fill the space with their dreams and contributes to a feeling of “deep emptiness” meiers hoped to channel.

In a press release, meiers shared a glimpse into the events that led to the making of “untangle me.”

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“I was 14, living by myself, bouncing around from sketchy situation to sketchy situation,” they say. “It was a symbiosis of beautiful and dark depravity, one which I both glorified and condemned. In a literal sense, ‘untangle me’ is a song about desperation and survival.”

Check out “untangle me” below.

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