SHORTSTRAW Release Their Music Video for COUCH POTATO

Today sees the release of a new music video by SHORTSTRAW for their latest single, COUCH POTATO. Couch Potato recently peaked at nr. 4 on the 5FM Top 40 Chart and is the official 2nd single from their second album – Good Morning, Sunshine which was released in March 2013.

The video was shot over the course of three days at the end of October around Greenside, Linden and Parkhurst in Johannesburg, and also at Renegade Junction. The performance scene of the band was filmed at Rumours Lounge in Weltevreden Park and the tavern scene at Bob Rocks in Greenside. The video follows Dstyles, a typical ‘lost youth’, through a typical day in his life. He wakes up, plays some video games, trolls around the city in a pretty loserish way and eventually ends up at a Shortstraw show where he comes into his own.

We played around with a few different ideas, but they all revolved around following an atypical youth through a day in their lives. Dstyles, the hero of the video, is a good friend of ours and we thought he was the perfect person to portray the role. We basically just came up with a few ideas and let him roll with it. The guy is a genius.”

SHORTSTRAW feels that the video fits in perfectly with the song for COUCH POTATO. The song is about the youth of today and their apathy. So the video and the song are basically calling out to young people to get out of the house and experience life outside of television and social media. Go to shows, go skateboarding, go sit around a park, go do anything – just get off the couch!

Watch the video for COUCH POTATO here!

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