SHEEN SKAIZ: A star in the making

Jägermeister in association with MK –

BACK THE ARTIST competition

 Winner 2013: Sheen Skaiz

 We are hoping he becomes a big star”. – Jägermeister

Winning song:

Jägermeister have been ardently supporting South African bands for the past few years.  Last year they launched their BACK THE ARTIST competition in association with MK in search for the next big single and to deepen their support for our music industry.  The prize was a recording contract worth R75 000 with super producer Justin de Nobrega.  He has produced the likes of Die Antwoord, Jack Parow and Toya Delazy.

Over 100 bands submitted their tracks and biographies.  Jägermeister fans voted for the track they thought could be the next big hit.  There were weekly eliminations that took the competition down to 10 artists of all genres of music.  Over 17 000 votes were cast and the music was streamed for over 27 hours, showing that people really listening to wide array of talent that this country had to offer.

Sheen Skaiz from Durban, with his captivating unique sound, was announced as the BACK THE ARTIST winner.  When Justin de Nobrega heard his track, he was extremely excited to work with Sheen and said that he thought his track had what it took to make it.

 When Van Coke Kartel delivered the news the happy news to Sheen, he was completely overwhelmed: “Thanks to Jägermeister for helping me boost my career to the next level.  This is going to help a lot.”


Watch Sheen’s surprise here:

 Listen to Sheen Skaiz’s winning track with Plastic Shadows – Drangs and Brangz:

Sheen Skaiz will record with Justin de Nobrega from 17th to 20th March in Cape Town.

Jägermeister is all about taking artists to the next level of their potential.  The next BACK THE ARTIST competition will launch soon.


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More about SHEEN SKAIZ

SHEEN SKAIZ is a Rapper, Producer, Singer and Song-writer, born May 25, 1989, hailing from the city of Durban, South Africa. His interest in music, began at the age of 14, when he was introduced to the loop program called Mix Man. Little did he know, this would spark a new found obsession in his life. The first beat he created was influenced by drum ‘n bass, the music that inspired him growing up was electro, break beats, trip hop and rap.

He spent most of his days hooked on “Mixmag” and “The Source” magazine, following the rise of new producers and DJ’s every year, and watching the music industry transform. Being a skateboarder growing up, he was always introduced to new music, new cultures and artists. Later on he began to search for more interesting ways to create music, being a rebel against the academic system; he was constantly distracted by art, sketching, graphics, and searching for new sounds.

He then began to experiment with more advanced programs, and taught himself how to play the keyboard, elevating his skills by remixing, mixing and sampling sounds and music from the world of pop culture. He fused rap with electro, experimental Hip hop and sample pieces from dance music, keeping his mind opened at all times. While completing his degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega “the brand communications school”, He became a DJ on the local club scene, from this he developed an ear for predicting the future hits of tomorrow. Word then spread that there was a fresh new DJ/producer on the rise, being known for his distinctive style of production, he was contacted by local producer Sketchy Bongo.
This was the beginning of a new alliance.  Sketchy Bongo played a vital role in recording process of Sheen Skaiz.  Skaiz then went on to produce for many local artists, and scored music for television and radio adverts.

Sheen Skaiz began to release a flurry of “freestyles”  on social networks which helped him gain some recognition on the underground scene, he then went on to work with plastic shadows, which then sparked the creation of the song “Drangs & Brangz” . This song quickly got the attention of local listeners, and then became the Official song for Durban’s “Colour Festival”.  Skaiz then went on to perform at local clubs and festivals in and around Durban. Although his aim was to become a record producer, he realized that his hunger for creativity in the music world, was much more than just creating beats, he decided to expand his productivity, and craft his own sound, this was an escape for him, and his channel to tell his story through the constant up’s and downs of life.


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