“Old Gods” by Abraxis aka Seven Lions and Dimibo is set to release Friday.

In the summer, Seven Lions and Dimibo revealed their Abraxis side project which is slated to debut at Dreamstate Socal 2019 later this month. Ahead of their first performance, the trio is set to release “Old Gods.” At the time of writing it is unclear if “Old Gods” is a single, EP, or album.

Revealed as the first lecture from the Abraxis Institute, the trio is continuing with the mysterious, supernatural theme they’ve taken on since announcing the project. Fans will remember the website created for the institute that helped showcase the story behind the group as well as tease unreleased music.

“Old Gods” by Abraxis (Seven Lions and Dimibo) will be released on Friday, November 15th. You can pre-save the trio’s debut here.


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