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Sound Seduction

KZK101 will bring you in the futuristic scene of a well blended mix of experimental sounds.

1:00 am

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Rise and Shine Up U Adam

The morning show Rise and Shine, Up You Adam is a drive time show for the early morning commute to work. KZk101

8:00 am

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Lunner Muchin Show

Sitting in the cubicle and eating your lunch. NO, get on KZK101 and have a lunar machine lunch show. We keep you company with some great ideas from cooking, to decorating, and all of that with music.

11:00 am

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Sins At The Mic

KZK101 will entertain you with  spicy stories, enjoying some chilling grooves.

2:00 pm

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Drum Driving Show

Stuck in traffic and the music is seeing you going all the why home. This is your afternoon drive with some alternative music all the way.

4:00 pm

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Eargasm Show

You want a eargasm? Then this is the show for you. Here you will hear tomorrow's music today. All the new releases, the song submissions and new talent out there on one big show.

7:00 pm

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Frequency One

A fine selection of the best tunes in the international indie panorama.

10:00 pm

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