It appears that Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell might be ready to go do karate in the garage.

In honor of Ferrell’s 55th birthday, Reynolds took to TikTok on Saturday to post a video paying tribute to a pivotal scene from the Saturday Night Live alum’s popular 2008 comedy, Step Brothers. Toward the end of the Adam McKay-directed film, Ferrell’s character, Brennan, hits the stage at the Catalina Wine Mixer with stepbrother Dale (John C. Reilly) to perform a rendition of “Por Ti Volaré,” a song initially popularized by Andrea Bocelli.

Reynolds is seen smiling in the video while the song plays in the background. Unlike in the film, where Ferrell sings the Spanish-language lyrics, Reynolds remains silent and appears confused about when to start singing.

At the bottom of the Free Guy actor’s post is the message, “Happy Birthday, Will Ferrell!!!”

The two stars are set to appear together in the upcoming Apple TV+ film Spirited, a musical retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

In November, Reynolds was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the same night that Will Ferrell was the announced guest on The Tonight Show. Instead, the two stars switched places, with Jimmy Kimmel asking Ferrell the questions he had supposedly planned to use for Reynolds, while Jimmy Fallon did the same bit with Reynolds.


♬ Por Ti Volaré – Josafat Espinosa

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