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Russell Crowe Playing Zeus in Thor 4 Has Fans Wanting Henry Cavill as Hercules

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Marvel fans are wondering when Hercules will arrive in the MCU after it was revealed Zeus will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, and Henry Cavill has emerged as a favorite among fans for the role. Previously, it had been reported that Russell Crowe would be featured in Thor 4, but his role hadn’t been revealed. On Thursday, Russell Crowe divulged that he’d be playing the god Zeus, and it wasn’t long before Hercules was trending on Twitter.

Like Zeus, Hercules is based on a god of the same name from Greek mythology. Both characters have appeared in Marvel comic books, but neither had appeared in the MCU as of yet. If Zeus is going to make a cameo inThor 4, then it stands to reason that Hercules’ arrival can’t be too far behind. If and when the god arrives, the big question is: who will play the iconic character?

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Henry Cavill is getting a lot of fans suggesting his name for the role for a variety of reasons. Some are posting images of the actor looking buff and gruff, showing that he physically qualifies to play the Greek god. His potential casting could also mark an interesting reunion with Crowe, who played Cavill’s father Jor-El in the DCEU’s Man of Steel. As Hercules is the son of Zeus, this would see Crowe and Cavill portraying father and son in both the DCEU and the MCU.

It’s certainly clear that a lot of people want to see Cavill as Hercules. On Twitter, one fan asks: “Does Russell Crowe playing Zeus in Thor: Love & Thunder mean we can finally get Henry Cavill as Hercules???”

“If Hercules enters the MCU it’s Henry Cavill’s role ONLY,” another fan says.

Eager to make the fantasy casting happen, one Cavill fan tweeted: “i need henry cavill to play hercules in thor love and thunder. i will do whatever it takes for him to get that role.”

“MCU’s gonna need a Hercules. Say no more,” says someone else, posting side-by-side photos of Cavill and Marvel’s Hercules.

After one fan campaigned for Cavill as Hercules with a GIF of the actor bearded and shirtless, another responded: “Okay I agree, Henry Cavill should play Hercules.”

Meanwhile, other fans would just be tickled to see Cavill head to the MCU after DC and Warner Bros. have spent years dragging their feet with Superman. After starring in Man of Steel, Cavill’s Clark Kent has only been seen in the DCEU’s various crossover movies. ASuperman reboot in the works at Warner Bros. seems to suggest that Man of Steel 2 isn’t happening, and some Marvel fans feel leaving the DCEU for the MCU as Hercules would be a good way to get back at DC.

“If Henry Cavill ends up playing MCU Hercules after 5+ years of WB dragging their feet on a Superman project featuring him I’m gonna cackle so hard,” one popular tweet states.

In any case, Cavill’s potential debut in the MCU as Hercules or any other character may or may not ever happen, but Crowe will be featured as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder. That movie is set to be released on May 6, 2022. As for Cavill, fans of the actor can look forward to seeing him back as Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming second season of The Witcher, due to arrive on Netflix in late 2021.

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