RufiYOLO and his bestie Jack Parow presents: GROEIPYNE

Okay, so GROEIPYNE (growing pains) was supposed to be released at 1pm today, but RufiYOLO (formerly known as Rufio Vegas) was so excited to show you his first video that it’s out now! Go check it out – it’s the most fun your computer/mobile/ tablet screen is going to have all day. Promise!

Watch Groeipyne here:

Rufio Vegas started his career as the first half of Jack Parow’s underground rap crew, “Die Vegas en Parow Show” circa 2003. Since then Jack Parow has gone on to become an Afrikaans rap sensation. Rufio has been tending to his family’s floor sanding business, waiting for his chance to YOLO.

Two days ago was RufiYOLO’s birthday, so his bestie, Jack Parow, gave him a record deal under his label, Parowphernalia, as a gift.

23rd October also marked the end of Rufio Vegas and the birth of RufiYOLO as he started to release Groeipyne as a collection of 15 unique Instagram clips. The clips were uploaded sequentially via RufiYOLO’s Instagram account (@RufiYOLO) on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I’m here to give South Africa basic guidelines to have the best time of their lives. Life is too short to complain about trivialities, so let’s go YOLO,” says RufiYOLO. He aims to blow new life into the Afrikaans pop market with his fresh sound he calls Afrikaans PowerPop. Watch this space for more information about release of RufiYOLO’s debut album.
Production credits:

The video was written, directed and edited by local Instagram selfie motivationalist, Philip Erasmus.

The song was produced by Fred Den Hartog.

Fred and Philip play in Die Heuwels Fantasties and are also the production team known as Die Hiet Fabriek.



Twitter: @RufiYOLO

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