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Reviewing j-hope’s HOPE ON THE STREET Episodes 1 and 2: Podcast

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It is finally here! BTS member j-hope is giving fans a deeper look into his world with his new documentary series, HOPE ON THE STREET VOL. 1. The six-episode docuseries follows j-hope on a journey to reconnect with his passion for dance. On this episode of Stanning BTS, Kayla and Bethany dive into the first two episodes. Listen above or wherever you get your podcasts.

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As Kayla and Bethany discover, the focus of the series is learning. Questions of who taught j-hope what and how it got him where abound. There is also, expectedly, a strong undercurrent of dance, with many scenes giving the star a chance to show off his skills. Episode 1 functions as a sort of preview for the rest of the series, showing him learning about dance and music in various places around the world.

Episode 2 explores j-hope’s experience in Osaka. It dives into j-hope’s experience finding motivation from a place that’s different from the desperation that used to drive him. Ultimately, the experience teaches him how to dance without thinking.

Listen to Kayla and Bethany dive into the new series above, and be sure to subscribe and review wherever you listen. ARMY faithful can also pick up the Stanning BTS T-shirt, now on sale at the Consequence Shop — available in two colors! Then, don’t forget to check out all the Consequence Podcast Network series.

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