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Putin pardons Satanic cannibal that beheaded four teens after he fought in Ukraine

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A Russian cannibal in a Satanic cult that slaughtered four teenagers — beheading and partially eating two of them — has been pardoned by President Vladimir Putin after fighting against Ukraine in a notorious unit of convicts.

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Nikolai Ogolobyak, 33, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2010 for murder and desecrating corpses over a series of horrifying ritualistic murders that rocked the Yaroslavl region — where the then-teenager was known as “Count.”

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Ogolobyak and other Satan worshippers, including one nicknamed “Hitler,” beheaded two of their four victims — then cut out their hearts and tongues which they then fried and ate, court documents show.

Ogolobyak also stabbed another victim 666 times in an apparent nod to the so-called “number of the Beast” associated with Satan. 

He was scheduled to be released in 2030, but was allowed to enlist in Russia’s notorious “Storm Z” unit of convicts — and then pardoned by Putin after serving for six months, his father told the news outlet

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Convicted Satanist killer Nikolai Ogolobyak, 33, returned to his native Yaroslavl a free man after fighting in Ukraine for 6 months.
ASTRA / Telegram
Ogolobyak had served 6 months in Russia’s notorious “Storm Z” unit and was seriously wounded, according to his dad.

“This is true. He served there for half a year in Storm Z,” the dad told the Russian publication.

“After being wounded, he is disabled. He is walking, but the wound was serious. He is unemployed, recovering.”

Ogolobyak returned from Ukraine on Nov. 2 and currently lives with his mother in the city of Yaroslavl near Moscoe, according to his dad.

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Ogolobyak is among a slew of Russian convicts — including violent offenders — who have been pardoned in exchange for fighting on the front lines in Ukraine.

The Satanist sect to which Ogolobyak belonged was started in 2006 by then-15-year-old Konstantin “Fang” Baranov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned Ogolobyak, who was supposed to remain behind bars until 2030.

Ogolobyak, who was also a teenager at the time, went by the nickname “Count” — and was known as the “warrior” tasked with first slashing the victims’ throats.

Other members included Alexei “Dead” Chistyakov; Anton “Doctor Goth” Makovkin; Sergey “Distris” Karpenko, and Alexander “Hitler” Voronov,” according to reporting by

For the first two years, the teen Satanist carried out bloody rituals by sacrificing stray dogs and cats.

Initially, new members were inducted into the cult using the blood of slaughtered animals, which were tied to an upside-down cross.

But in the summer of 2008, the Satanists went out hunting for people to sacrifice — and wound up killing and dismembering four college students they had befriended: Olga Pukhova, Anna Gorokhova, Andrej Sorokin and Varya Kuzmina.

On June 28, 2008, after a night of drinking, Pukhova and Gorokhova were lured to a clearing, where the cult members started a bonfire and positioned themselves in a pentagram formation, according to documents filed in the case.

When one of them gave a sign, all the suspects fell upon the two young women and plunged daggers into their bodies.

Ogolobyak belonged to a Satanist cult that in 2008 savagely killed 4 teens, among them (L to R) Varya Kuzmina, Olya Pukhova and Anya Gorokhova.
All 4 victims were lured to a clearing in the Yaroslavl region, stabbed with daggers and beheaded.

Makovkin then decapitated the girls with a sword, after which the mutilated corpses were dismembered and carved up, and several internal organs were fried and eaten, according to the records.

The newest member of the group, Ksenia “Kara” Kovaleva, was bathed in the victims’ blood as part of her initiation ceremony.

The Satanists used an upside-down cross in their sick rituals, which initially involved the killings of dogs and cats.

The next day, Sorokin, who was interested in the Goth movement, and his new girlfriend, Kuzmina, were invited to a Satanist gathering, which again ended in a bloodbath.

Ogolobyak stabbed one of the victims 666 times and took part in consuming fried human body parts.
The cult members received sentences ranging from 8 to 20 years in prison and have since been released.

Witnesses reported that when the cult members were killing Sorokin, Ogolobyak “was counting the blows aloud. He continued counting until he delivered 666 blows,” reported

One of the suspects was known in the group as “the secretary from hell” who took notes in a book of made from the skin of the victims.

After a years-long investigation, the Satanists were handed sentences ranging from 8 to 20 years in prison. One of them was found to be mentally unfit for trial and institutionalized. All have since been released. 

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