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Prince Harry was ‘bashful,’ ‘low-key’ when celebrating birthday at German beer hall: expert

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The Duke of Sussex celebrated his 39th birthday early on Thursday with wife Meghan Markle at a beer hall in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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While the couple is in Europe for the Invictus Games, they stopped by to have some fun for a “low-key” night on the town.

Body language expert Judi James explained to the Mirror how Harry seemed “bashful” yet happy to celebrate his big day at the Schumacher restaurant.

The former actress, 42, and Harry brought their aides along for the night and treated them to some authentic German nosh.

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The couple then posed for snapshots with fans and restaurant staff.

“After a day spent canoodling his wife, Harry’s birthday boy pose here makes him look a little more bashful as he lines up for a group shot in the restaurant,” James noted about the photos.

“There are two clear sides to Harry here: there’s the rather macho, raised hand, clamping shake that he’s performing with a man who presumably owns the restaurant, and then the loving arm that he has placed around his wife’s back,” she added.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be staying in Düsseldorf Germany for the Invictus Games until Sept 16

The expert went on to reveal that Harry’s smile is more “low-key” at the eatery compared to during the games, as he has “no display of teeth” at his birthday bash.

This suggests that the prince was a “no fuss please birthday boy.” But Markle’s body language tells a different story.

According to James, “Meghan looks more confident,” as she is standing “slightly in front with a dazzling social smile while Harry tucks in more behind her.”

Harry and the “Suits” alum have spent this week at the Invictus Games staying close to one another and showing off massive PDA — and James doesn’t think they will stop anytime soon.

The couple posed with some staff at the Schumacher restaurant yesterday

Waiter Frank Wackers told the DailyMail that Harry drank six beers last night while Markle had just one. They also ate family-style dishes of wiener schnitzel, pork knuckle, sausage, roast and mashed potatoes.

A special surprise was then brought in for Harry’s birthday: a white chocolate cake!

“They were very happy,” Wackers said. “He is a lovely man, and they were so nice.”

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