NEWARK, Ohio ā€“ Two 11-year old students were arrested Thursday for making threatening phone calls to 911 regarding three Ohio schools, Newark Police announced.

The Newark City Schools students were arrested at 1:32 p.m. Thursday for making at least three active shooter reports during the morning hours, police said. Officers responded to all three school locations, but found no threat.

“We responded and determined them to be false,” Newark Police Sgt. Doug Wells said. “We’ve got a lot of parents calling … all reports have been a hoax.”

Newark City Schools spokesman Seth Roy said police arrived at Wilson Middle School during the morning drop-off time, or shortly afterwards, regarding a phone call reporting an active incident at Wilson and possibly at Legend Elementary School.

“When police showed up was the first we’d heard anything,” Roy said. “Police checked out the building and determined the calls were false. Someone later made a call, shortly after noon, to 911 alleging that an active incident was happening at Liberty. There was nothing happening, another false call.”

Wells said it is not yet known if the two students will be locked up or put on home arrest, with stipulations given to their parents on the conditions. The students’ previous records and the seriousness of the offense usually determine the immediate penalty for offenders so young, Wells said.

“The Newark Division of Police will not tolerate these types of calls and will continue to investigate and prosecute all cases like this one,” the police press release stated.

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