The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the New York Islanders 4-3 in overtime Thursday to end New York’s winning streak at 10.

To add insult to injury for Islanders fans, Pittsburgh’s Twitter account went out of its way to mock a meme Islanders fans had been using throughout the streak.

Fan account @IslesTerritory had been producing a graphic featuring the Grim Reaper — stylized with the Islanders’ logo over his face — moving through a row of doors in a hallway. Each opened door showed the teams New York had defeated in its last 10 games, complete with bloodstains marking the ground of past victories.

After the team’s most recent win on Nov. 5, the account posted an updated graphic showing Death knocking on Pittsburgh’s door.

When game night arrived, the Penguins ultimately prevailed: they scored four consecutive goals to snap the Isles’ near-historic streak.

Pittsburgh’s social media team must have done its homework, because just minutes after the win, the Pens’ Twitter account responded directly to the meme with a new version: a GIF in which a real-life penguin knocks the Reaper aside with its flipper.

The post immediately attracted attention on Twitter — even from the original meme’s creator, who couldn’t believe the account was being chirped by the Penguins.

The Metropolitan Division rivals next meet for back-to-back games Nov. 21 and 22.