PHFAT releases Lights Out music video

After PHFAT killed it at Oppikoppi Odyssey with their headlining slot, they are back with the release of their music video, Lights Out, featuring JungFreud (a.k.a Nonku).   This single proves to be PHFAT’s biggest yet with over a 100 000 listens on SoundCloud and and getting love from thirteen radio stations across South Africa, including 5FM, YFM and Good Hope FM.

Watch Lights Out here:

Production: Enigma Ace Films / A Ryan Kruger Thing

Award winning director, Ryan Kruger, presents an audience pleaser for both men and women.  A fun night in, some rapping in-between… then things go south.

A letter from PHFAT:

PHFAT here again, we’re actually just stopping by to have a quick catch-up because it feels like we’ve seen each other around but we haven’t really spoken for a while… you know?

How are things?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people answer that question by saying ‘Busy’.

We were speaking to this girl a while back and when Mike asked her how she was doing she just pulled this ugly face that said “fucking awful! But I’m working on it! Just give me a sec okay?”  That was such a cool honest answer.

How are we doing you ask?

Yeah, we’re fuckin flying right now. Thanks for asking. Rap life is incredible. We just had what might have been our favourite show we’ve ever played at Oppikoppi and the whole of July we spent playing to packed out clubs all over the country. It’s fucking crazy to see how support for what we do has grown. Our one friend told us they turned away six hundred people from our show in Knysna… We didn’t even know there were six hundred people in the whole of Knysna!?! That’s like a whole fuggen extra club full of people. Someone else told us there were a bunch of broken floorboards in one of the clubs after our show. It’s often difficult to see whether you are still making progress when you work as a musician, but there have been a bunch of things this year that have said to us “Hey Dudes, Good job! Keep Going!”

We actually got distracted enough by all of the rap shows and touring that we kept forgetting to release the new music video for our song that we did with JungFreud called ‘Lights Out’.  The song is still free off of our SoundCloud. Along with all the rest of our songs.

Our homie Ryan Kruger made it. Our other homie Alex An-Los is a stunt coordinator who has been working with a team of actor/stunt-homies on a dope fight sequence.  We told them to speak to each other and then they made this video.

So go watch that sheeeee. Then send it to all your friends.

Oh, You gotta go? That’s cool. Us also.

Stay amazing,

Smooth and Narch


People who caught our Oppi set will have heard our new jam called “If the truth fits”. Keep your eyes peeled. It’s a fuckin number and it’s coming soon!

If you don’t know them yet, meet PHFAT:


PHFAT at Oppikoppi Odyssey, Wesley Dome – 8 August 2014

“Electronic rap group PH Fat drew the largest crowd on the Friday night with a barnstorming performance to close out the main stage, hinting at the growing influence alternative forms of music are having at the festival.”  SAPA

 “The performance that stands out on Friday was by PHFat. It was amazing to see how much the group has progressed. We have been watching them move through stages over the past few years and it was surreal watching their live performance at Oppi to thousands of people. They created a whole production on stage and released a new song with the lyrics, ‘Now if he can’t dance then he can’t f*ck neither.’”  Drop Your Drink

“Towards the end of the night, PHFat finally took the stage, attached a pair of electrodes to OppiKoppi’s testicals and flipped the switch, giving the best fucking performance they ever have… joined by Jungfreud and Mr Sakitumi who added to the insanity. They kicked up dust, caused chaos by throwing skateboards into the crowd and turned everything on its head…. If you were at Oppi and missed this show I have no shame in informing you that you fucked up.” Activate Online


Open the City

PHFAT was chosen as one of the four finalists’ bands for the Open the City Competition where they can win an opening slot at In the City on 3rd of October.  Fans can vote for PHFAT to share the stage with International acts MGMT, The Presets, Rudimental and Crystal Fighters.

VOTING Options:

Voting closes on the 12th of September.  Fans who vote stand a chance to go to the Open the City session on the 5th of September at Town Hall in Johannesburg, where they can watch all 4 finalist bands perform.

More information:


Upcoming gigs:

Date: 20 September

Venue: Boat Races, Barmuda, 23 Van der Riet Street, 6170 Port Alfred, Eastern Cape


Tickets: [WEEKEND PASS] PRE-SOLD R200.00


More info:  +27 81 559 55 18


Date: 23 September

Venue: Huis Visser’s Heritage Day Festival, Stellenbosch

Ticket Price: R70


Date: 26 September

Venue: Carfax, JHB


Date: 27 September

Venue: TribeOne Dinokeng Festival

City of Tswane, Cullinan

Set time: 18:50 Full band on Diamond Fields Stage and PHFAT Duo at Dance Village.



Date: 10 October

Venue: Aardklop, Mystic Boer, Potch



Date: 11 October

Event: Wonderland Festival – 17h0 – 18h00

Venue: Riversands Farm, Fourways

More info:


Event: H20 SPCA Fund Raiser 20h00 – 21h00

Venue: Wild Waters complex, 1 Margaret lane, Bardene, Boksburg

More info:


Watch out for PHFAT at Plett Rage later this year:



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