PHFAT in International poll for Artist of the Week

PHFAT up for International Poll on MTV Iggy:  Artist of the Week

MTV Iggy – Artist of the Week

MTV Iggy is an international music website based in the USA and they “round up five utterly indispensable artists from across a spectrum of genres and all over the world.”   Fans can vote for our home boys to become MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week here:

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New beginnings for PHFAT

It’s been two weeks since PHFAT announced the departure of Disco Izrael from the rap outfit on their social networks due to creative and personal differences.  (Read the full statement here: )  

Smooth Mike and Narch promised their fans that they will be diversifying and expanding their shows to include more live musical elements and collaborations, so that they can continue to deliver the quality of performance and interaction that fans have come to expect from PHFAT.   They will do exactly that when they hit the main stage of Rocking the Daisies for a prime slot on October 4th at 23h05 that evening.  Fans can look forward to a huge show with a full band and collaborations.

There is also a brand new EP on the horizon, so watch this space…

On July 22nd, PHFAT made their first full length album, Happiness Machines, available for free from their website  The album was downloaded over 3 000 times in the first 24 hours  and a total of 7130 times this month. The album has received rave reviews from international and local media alike.  Download your copy if you haven’t done so already or pick up the collector’s item hard copy at Boardhub in 303 Long Street, Cape Town.

Reviews for Happiness Machines

Poetry Runs Deep:  So, a little under two weeks ago, a South African rap outfit put out what is shaping up to be my favourite release of the year.  Herein lies your cue to enthusiastically exclaim “OH EM GEE, I LOVE DIE ANTWOORD”, and the point at which I reach across the internet and slap you upside the head for overlooking PHFAT.

The Fresh New: Alright, so…Happiness Machines is what we like to dub as an “ill” album. I have listened to it about 4 and a half times today. I actually don’t think I have heard better production on a hip-hop album or better hip-hop on an electronic album this year.

Gary Cool:Happiness Machines’ in July of this year and it is definitely one of the albums of the year so far – I Base this statement on the quality of the album on a whole and the fact that it was eagerly anticipated by local music lovers and fans abroad.

Purple Sneakers (Australia) about House of Clashes music videoNow when I say it’s a powerful track, I mean it will come at you like a breeze block of pain and hit you in the face with a hammer. ‘House Of Clashes’ mixes some very aggressive lyrics with jagged electronic melodies that just seem to work together to attack your eardrums.

Upcoming shows

Date:  7 September

Venue:  Port Alfred, Boat Races

Port Alfred’s biggest student festival is happening on the 6th & 7th September! You can also find us on twitter (@boatracefest) for more info. Facebook: / Contact 081 559 5518 for more information.

Date: 20 September

Venue: Puma Socal Event, Johannesburg

81 De Koorte Street, Braamfontein

More info:

Official Durban Launch

Date: 21 September

Venue: Durban Electronic Festival & Music Conference

More Info:


Date: 4 October

Event: Rocking the Daisies – main stage

Time: 23h05

Other: PHFAT with Special Guests

More info:


Official Website              

Facebook Page
Twitter Page     


Music Videos  

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