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Pete Davidson Gets Court Ordered Protection from Fake Wife Who Snuck Into His Kitchen

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The self-proclaimed King of Staten Island has run into some trouble with a woman claiming to be his wife. The fugazi spouse snuck into Pete Davidson’s kitchen earlier in the week, and took a seat at the dining room table before anyone else in the house noticed. Now, the popular comedian and SNL regular has received court ordered protection from the woman identified as Michelle Mootreddy.

Michelle Mootreddy has been falsely claiming that she is married to Pete Davidson. She is now charged with breaking into the Amazon Prime star’s house in New York City. In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Davidson was officially granted an order of protection from Mootreddy.

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The woman was arrested this past Thursday after being discovered in Pete’s State Island residence. Mootreddy must now stay far away from not only the Saturday Night Live favorite but also three other individuals who are currently living in the comedian’s home. She is not allowed to contact the four victims in any way, shape or form. She is not allowed anywhere near the house she snuck into. And she will be arrested if she is discovered at, near or around any of the four individuals’ job space.

Michelle Mootreddy was arrested inside Pete Davidson’s Staten Island house. It is stated that she slipped through an unlocked side door. She proceeded to take a seat at the kitchen table, where she was first discovered. The prowler was arraigned and charged with burglary on Friday, both in the second and third degree. Along with these two felonies, she was hit with two misdemeanor counts of stalking, two misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and harassment.

Earlier in the week, the same woman sent out a press release where she falsely claimed that she was setting up a production company with Pete Davidson. This same press release also stated that Pete Davidson and Michelle Mootreddy had been married earlier in the month.

Pete Davidson’s reps claim that this is all one hundred percent false. Davidson claims that he doesn’t know the woman who broke into his house and took a seat at his kitchen table. We’ll probably get to hear more about the incident when Pete Davidson returns for an all-new episode of Saturday Night Live on March 27, alongside host Maya Rudolph. Then again, he may not want to give the woman any unnecessary attention.

Pete Davidson was most recently seen in Amazon Prime’s The King of Staten Island, which came out last summer. He’ll next be seen as DC villain Blackguard in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. He is also voicing the big dog Marmaduke in a new animated family movie. And he is set to film the Vietnam war movie The Things They Carried later in the year. This news was first reported by TMZ.

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