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Pete Davidson channels Eminem again to explain NFTs on ‘SNL’—watch

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Over the weekend, Pete Davidson brought back his Eminem impersonation for another spoof on Saturday Night Live. This time around, the comedian reimagined Eminem’s “Without Me” video to help explain what NFTs are.

For the SNL sketch, Davidson was joined by Chris Redd, who portrayed Dr. Dre, and musical guest Jack Harlow who gave a subtle nod to the classic Robin Williams film Good Will Hunting.

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Lately, Davidson has become the NBC show’s go-to guy for Slim Shady, SoundCloud rappers, Machine Gun Kelly and other music impersonations. Back in December, he gave an unforgettable impersonation of his real-life BFF Machine Gun Kelly on SNL. During the Dionne Warwick Talk Show sketch, Davidson wore MGK’s iconic pink suit from the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards while perfectly executing his distinct voice and mannerisms.

A week prior, Davidson also starred in a spoof of Eminem’s “Stan” video as an individual determined to get everything on his Christmas list. Along with Jason Bateman’s Santa Claus, the holiday-themed sketch included nods to Elton John, Will Ferrell’s Elf and the PlayStation 5. Eminem even got in on the SNL action and made a surprise cameo at the very end of the parody.

Now, Davidson has channeled Eminem once again on Saturday Night Live. This new sketch was set in a university lecture where the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, played by Kate McKinnon, was a guest speaker. Davidson, while wearing a replica of the iconic Rap Boy costume from Eminem’s “Without Me” video, asked Yellen about NFTs. Then, the sketch kicked into a full parody of the song’s video as Davidson broke out into a rap about non-fungible tokens.

In the rap, Davidson mentioned NFL star Ron Gronkowski who recently made $1.8 million after selling five digital trading cards featuring some of his biggest Super Bowl moments.

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“Now what the hell’s an NFT?/Apparently cryptocurrency/Everyone’s making so much money/Can you please explain what’s an NFT,” Davidson raps during the Saturday Night Live sketch. “It’s like real-life Monopoly/Everyone’s doing it, like Gronkowski/Can you please help me make an NFT?”

For the spoof, Davidson’s Rap Boy costume features a “P” symbol instead of the original “E.” The comedian also rocked a grey tracksuit similar to what Eminem wore in the video.

Eventually, Redd stepped in to help Davidson further explain what NFTs are. Dressed as The Matrix’s Morpheus, Redd channeled Dr. Dre and described how much money certain NFT collectibles can make. He gave bizarre examples of NFT content including a basketball dunking Peter Griffin from Family Guy and even a twerking Thanos.

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Soon after, Harlow joined the parody as the college’s janitor, a nod to the 1997 film Good Will Hunting, to give a clear and concise explanation of what non-fungible tokens are.

“Non-fungible means that it’s unique/There could only be one, like you and me/NFTs are insane/Built on the blockchain,” Harlow raps during the SNL sketch. “A digital ledger of transactions/It records information of what’s happening/When it’s minted, you can sell it as art.”

The “NFTs” Saturday Night Live sketch and Eminem’s “Without Me” video are available to watch below.

More on NFTs and Pete Davidson

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token that is made up of unique information that cannot be interchangeable. Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain and can be anything in a digital form.

Over the past few months, various musicians and public figures have gotten involved in NFT auctions. In February, Grimes launched a cryptocurrency art collection that featured one-of-a-kind art pieces. She even included a few unreleased songs from her upcoming album in some of the digital artworks. Grimes’ auctions managed to gross nearly $6 million in just 20 minutes.

Similarly, Kings Of Leon are the first band to ever release an entire album as an NFT collectible. On March 5, the band put out their new LP When You See Yourself in the form of a non-fungible token. As well, Mike Shinoda became the first major label artist to successfully launch a single through NFT auction with his iann dior and UPSAHL collab “Happy Endings.” All of the proceeds from the February auction were donated to the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.

What are your reactions to Pete Davidson’s latest impersonation of Eminem? Let us know in the comments below.

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