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Paris Jackson joins The Struts for groovy new duet “Low Key In Love”

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The Struts are back with another brand new song called “Low Key In Love.” This time around, however, they aren’t alone. For the fiery new track, the British glam rock band are joined by none other than Paris Jackson.

Both Jackson and the Struts frontman Luke Spiller have opened up about the inspiration behind “Low Key In Love” and how they eventually came together to record the groovy duet.

For “Low Key In Love,” the Struts and Jackson teamed up with producer Tommy English (PVRIS, Against The Current, One OK Rock) who helped bring the passionate rock duet to life. The Struts guitarist Adam Slack and bassist Jed Elliot incorporate signature electric guitars that are reminiscent of rock bands from decades ago. Meanwhile, drummer Gethin Davies’ laid-back percussion and tambourine gives “Low Key In Love” a nostalgic funk-inspired vibe.

As for Spiller and Jackson, the groovy sound of the duet allows their signature vocals to really shine through. Spiller’s distinct gritty voice offers the perfect contrast to Jackson’s airy yet powerful singing. Together, their unique styles and ever-present emotions within the song balance one another out, creating a harmonious and dreamy duet about modern-day love.

“Low Key In Love” is available to stream below.


Spiller went on to write “Low Key In Love” after a memorable date in California. He wanted to create a song that conveys the emotions people feel when they walk into a new environment.

“‘Low Key In Love’ was written after a date in Los Angeles at ’70s retro bar Good Times at Davey Wayne’s,” Spiller says in a press release. “I walked into the studio explaining that we needed the song to have the essence you feel when entering the bar and absorb the vibe.”

When it was time to record the track, Jackson immediately came to mind. Spiller had previously caught one of her performances on the fateful night that inspired “Low Key In Love.” As a result, the Struts eventually reached out to her about turning the song into a duet.

“When we decided to explore the idea of a duet, I thought back to that night and remembered that Paris played a brilliant acoustic set,” Spiller says in a press release. “Something inside was telling me that everything happened for a reason, so I decided to message her. I’m convinced some things are just written in the stars. Bringing in Paris just gave the song a whole new dimension and really brings the story to life. She is beautiful and brilliant. A star.”

As it turns out, Jackson was a fan of the Struts long before they approached her about the duet. After catching their set with Mötley Crüe back in 2015, Jackson was quickly intrigued by their stage presence and music.

“I first heard of The Struts when I went to go see Mötley Crüe play their final set on New Year’s Eve night at Staples Center a few years ago,” Jackson says in a press release. “The boys opened up for them and I had no idea it was going to be as incredible as it was. I just remember turning to my friend and saying, ‘Who the fuck ARE these guys?’ I was so blown away by their talent, their stage presence and their energy. It felt like I had time traveled and got to experience what rock and roll was at its prime, like with the Rolling Stones and Queen.”

Soon after the show, Jackson began listening to the Struts more and eventually forged friendships with them. For her, collaborating with the band on “Low Key In Love” was an incredibly special experience.

“I started listening to their music and would see them at events here and there, and we’ve always been pretty friendly online,” she says in a press release. “When Luke asked to work with me, it was an immediate yes.  It’s been a privilege and an honor to sing on a song that I know means so much to Luke. I’m grateful for the friendship that has sprung from such a lovely project. It’s unlike anything I have ever done or thought to do before, and I’m here for it.”

On April 16, Jackson shared a behind-the-scenes video of her recording the duet with the Struts in the studio.

“Low Key In Love” marks the latest collaboration to come from the Struts this past year. Back in October 2020, the band released their latest studio album Strange Days which includes an array of talented musicians.

For the powerhouse song “Wild Child,” the Struts teamed up with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello who infused his signature electric guitar riffs into the track. Meanwhile, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen join the band on the guitar-heavy track “I Hate How Much I Want You.” As well, Strange Days features collaborations with Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes) on “Another Hit Of Showmanship” and Robbie Williams on the album’s title track.

Strange Days is available to stream below.


What are your reactions to Paris Jackson and the Struts’ new duet “Low Key In Love”? Let us know in the comments below.

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