The Pac-12 released its schedule for the 2020 college football season on Friday, and it features an aggressive start.

The season will begin Sept. 26, and the classic rivalry between UCLA and USC will be played on the first week of the season. The Pac-12 championship game will be Dec. 19.

The conference left a bye week for each team and the week of Dec. 12 will be left open in case schools have to make up games because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.

The Pac-12 is the first Power 5 conference to release a full schedule with dates for the 2020 season. Here’s a look.

2020 Pac-12 Week-by-week schedule

Sept. 26

Arizona State at Arizona
Cal at Oregon State
Colorado at Oregon
Washington at Stanford
Utah at Washington State

Oct. 3

Arizona at Washington
Stanford Arizona State
Utah at Colorado
Cal at USC
UCLA at Oregon State
Oregon at Washington State

Oct. 10

Arizona State at Oregon (Oct. 9)
Colorado at Arizona
Washington at Cal
Oregon State at Utah
USC at Stanford
UCLA at Washington State

Oct. 17

Utah at UCLA (Oct. 16)
Cal at Washington State
Colorado at USC
Oregon at Oregon State

Byes: Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, Washington

Oct. 24

USC at Arizona
UCLA at Arizona State
Stanford at Cal
Oregon State at Washington

Byes: Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Washington State

Oct. 31

Arizona at Utah
Arizona State at Colorado
Washington at Oregon
Washington State at Stanford

Byes: Cal, Oregon State, UCLA, USC

Nov. 7

Colorado at Washington (Nov. 6)
Arizona at Oregon State
Utah at Arizona State
Oregon at Cal
Stanford at UCLA
Washington State at USC

Nov. 14

Cal at Arizona
Arizona State at Washington State
UCLA at Colorado
USC at Oregon
Oregon State at Stanford
Washington at Utah

Nov. 21

Oregon at Arizona (Nov. 20)
Arizona State at USC
Utah at Cal
Colorado at Stanford
UCLA at Washington
Washington State at Oregon State

Nov. 28

USC at Utah (Nov. 27)
Washington State at Washington (Nov. 27)
Arizona at UCLA
Cal at Arizona State
Oregon State at Colorado
Stanford at Oregon

Dec. 5

Cal at UCLA (Dec. 4)
Arizona at Stanford
Arizona State at Oregon State
Colorado at Washington State
Utah at Oregon
USC at Washington

Dec. 19

Pac-12 championship game

Pac 12 team-by-team schedules


Sept. 26: vs. Arizona State
Oct. 3: at Washington
Oct. 10: vs. Colorado
Oct. 17: Bye
Oct. 24: vs. USC
Oct. 31: at Utah
Nov. 7: at Oregon State
Nov. 14: vs. Cal
Nov. 20: vs. Oregon
Nov. 28: at UCLA
Dec. 5: at Stanford

Arizona State

Sept. 26: at Arizona
Oct. 3: vs. Stanford
Oct. 9: at Oregon
Oct. 17: Bye
Oct. 24: vs. UCLA
Oct. 31: at Colorado
Nov. 7: vs. Utah
Nov. 14: at Washington State
Nov. 21: at USC
Nov. 28: vs. Cal
Dec. 5: vs. Oregon State


Sept. 26: at Oregon State
Oct. 3: at USC
Oct. 10: vs. Washington
Oct. 17: at Washington State
Oct. 24: vs. Stanford
Oct. 31: Bye
Nov. 7: vs. Oregon
Nov. 14: at Arizona
Nov. 21: vs. Utah
Nov. 28: at Arizona State
Dec. 4: vs. UCLA


Sept. 26: at Oregon
Oct. 3: vs. Utah
Oct. 10: at Arizona
Oct. 17: at USC
Oct. 24: Bye
Oct. 31: vs. Arizona State
Nov. 6: at Washington
Nov. 14: vs. UCLA
Nov. 21: at Stanford
Nov. 28: vs. Oregon State
Dec. 5: vs. Washington State


Sept. 26: vs. Colorado
Oct. 3: at Washington State
Oct. 9: vs. Arizona State
Oct. 17: at Oregon State
Oct. 24: Bye
Oct. 31: vs. Washington
Nov. 7: at Cal
Nov. 14: vs. USC
Nov. 20: at Arizona
Nov. 28: vs. Stanford
Dec. 5: at Utah

Oregon State

Sept. 26: vs. Cal
Oct. 3: vs. UCLA
Oct. 10: at Utah
Oct. 17: vs. Oregon
Oct. 24: at Washington
Oct. 31: Bye
Nov. 7: vs. Arizona
Nov. 14: at Stanford
Nov. 21: vs. Washington State
Nov. 28: at Colorado
Dec. 5: at Arizona State


Sept. 26: at Washington
Oct. 3: at Arizona State
Oct. 10: vs. USC
Oct. 17: Bye
Oct. 24: at Cal
Oct. 30: vs. Washington State
Nov. 7: at UCLA
Nov. 14: vs. Oregon State
Nov. 21: vs. Colorado
Nov. 28: at Oregon
Dec. 5: vs. Arizona


Sept. 26: vs. USC
Oct. 3: at Oregon State
Oct. 10: vs. Washington State
Oct. 16: vs. Utah
Oct. 24: at Arizona State
Oct. 31: Bye
Nov. 7: vs. Stanford
Nov. 14: at Colorado
Nov. 21: at Washington
Nov. 28: vs. Arizona
Dec. 4: at Cal


Sept. 26: at UCLA
Oct. 3: vs. Cal
Oct. 10: at Stanford
Oct. 16: vs. Utah
Oct. 24: at Arizona
Oct. 31: Bye
Nov. 7: vs. Washington State
Nov. 14: at Oregon
Nov. 21: vs. Arizona State
Nov. 27: at Utah
Dec. 5: vs. Washington


Sept. 26: at Washington State
Oct. 3: at Colorado
Oct. 10: vs. Oregon State
Oct. 16: at UCLA
Oct. 24: Bye
Oct. 31: vs Arizona
Nov. 7: at Arizona State
Nov. 14: vs. Washington
Nov. 21: at Cal
Nov. 27: vs. USC
Nov. 5: vs. Oregon


Sept. 26: vs. Stanford
Oct. 3: vs. Arizona
Oct. 10: at Cal
Oct. 17: Bye
Oct. 24: vs. Oregon State
Oct. 31: at Oregon
Nov. 6: vs. Colorado
Nov. 14: at Utah
Nov. 21: vs. UCLA
Nov. 27: at Washington State
Dec. 5: at USC

Washington State

Sept. 26: vs. Utah
Oct. 3: vs. Oregon
Oct. 10: at UCLA
Oct 17: vs. Cal
Oct. 24: Bye
Oct. 30: at Stanford
Nov. 7: at USC
Nov. 14: vs. Arizona State
Nov. 21: at Oregon State
Nov. 28: vs. Washington
Dec. 5: at Colorado

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