p e t enters the world of music!

Today sees a brand new act entering the South African music industry – p e t. p e t is the electro-pop alter-ego of Sinead De La Querra, co-founder and vocalist for indie-rock band, Fire Through The Window. Born out of the songstress’s desire to explore her creativity outside the realm of Fire Through The Window, p e t is De La Querra’s effort at a solo incarnation.

“I wanted to do something on my own; a little pet project if you must. I still wanted it to be accessible, much like FTTW,” the vocalist comments.

On the project, De La Querra enlisted the help of her husband and career-long musical partner, Marc De La Querra (Fire Through The Window, Anchors Up, Nemesis) and Jacques Du Plessis (The Jumper, Wrestlerish) as producers. Marc composes most of the music while Sinead co-creates the vocal melodies and pens the lyrics. With no specific direction or sound in mind other than the fact that p e t was to be an electro dance project, the trio began the creative process in secret, taming and grooming this new animal until its impending release upon the world.

“We’ve been working on the project since the beginning of this year. We’ve spent a lot of this time playing around with basic ideas for songs and trying to establish a sound/direction. That being said, we’re also tried to keep the same spontaneous approach that we had with Fire. It definitely has more of an electro sound but I think it still has a similar pop sensibility to FTTW. I’ve always wanted to try something on my own so I guess that was the inspiration.”?

The etymology behind p e t is varied. “Pet” is singular, it is a term of endearment, it refers to Sinead’s “pet project” and while the word “pet” is associated with positivity and happiness, it too can bear dark, sinister undertones. “Naming a band is almost impossible,” muses De La Querra. “At first I wanted the project to be called ‘Oh July!’, but I decided that I needed a name that was more singular sounding, as opposed to a collective group or band name. Eventually the word ‘pet’ exposed itself and I fell in love with it.”

The first fruit of p e t’s labour is the single, ‘In The Dark’. The electro-pop track is disco with depth while retaining the pop sensibilities and integrity that Sinead De La Querra has mastered.

Its accompanying video was directed by acclaimed film, advert and music video director, Jono Hall. In the video, Hall explores four different personas of Sinead De La Querra, culminating with  her most vulnerable form; stripped down and naked. This is a visual metaphor of sorts; the musician behind Fire Through The Window in her rawest form.

“I guess the song is just as much about anguish as it is about hope. The video depicts multiple versions of an individual. Together, but ultimately alone. I think that sums up what the song is all about.”

Sinead vows to continue p e t for as long as it’s still fun. She’s only just beginning to find the feet of her musical rebirth. In time, she will bring p e t to the stages of clubs, theaters and festivals all over the world, but for now she’s just having fun.

‘In The Dark’ is available now for download here!


Watch the music video for IN THE DARK here!


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