Øceans is proud to unveil the music video for the #1 hit single Fiyah featuring local Urban Pop favourite, Lakota Silva.

Watch the music video for Fiyah here: https://youtu.be/l363s6bxeVk

Filming the ‘Fiyah’ video was a really fun experience as the idea was for Lakota and me to be in the background of all of the shots hitchhiking, hanging laundry, working on the track, or just generally interacting with the dancers, so done in a way that didn’t detract from the dancing. It was just meant to ground them in the scene, and provide a juxtaposition of ‘normalness’ against a sort of hyper reality that was represented by the dancers. We were real life, and they were the track’s energy, in a way. I really enjoyed shooting with Lakota and all of the dancers and I think everyone had a great time on set in the various locations, and I think it comes across in the final product and perfectly conveys the light-hearted and irreverent feel of the track,” comments ØCEANS.

The concept came about with ØCEANS wanting to convey an energy, movement and light-heartedness in the video to compliment the energetic and irreverent dance track. The idea of dancers dancing in their own scenes in various locations and in sometimes quirky scenes in and around Cape Town, seemed like the perfect way to capture that.

Filming took place in various locations in and around Cape Town, including the esplanade, on a farm road and field in Paarl, on the roof of Gardens centre, on a rooftop and inside a partially constructed building in the CBD, in ØCEANS’ bedroom studio and apartment, at the skate park in Gardens, and in a trailer park in Paarl.

The video was directed and shot by Allister Christie and produced by Leeroy Duke of Idea Inventory, with makeup and styling by Shana Mans.

The final product is pure energy and the team achieved exactly what ØCEANS wanted.

Lakota agrees! “I love the idea of incorporating the different interpretations of the shuffle in a timeline to the same song, our song – ‘Fiyah’. I love how each dancer, and space is unique and reveals its own interpretation of dance style, shuffle and movement to the song. I appreciate that as a dancer myself, I got to add my interpretation of dance too, as artist and dancer. I’m well pleased with the turn out of the video! The cast and all the crew were wonderful to work with, and I hope the audience enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it!”

ØCEANS’ single Fiyah featuring Lakota Silva is available for your sonic delight from http://smarturl.it/HR571


Cape Town-based Vlad Buzdugan is ØCEANS and Fiyah is his third original release and second label signing as ØCEANS, which was preceded by singles Low feat. Irinami and Fade Up. 

How did the single come about? ØCEANS explains, saying: “After writing the instrumental rough cut of ‘Fiyah’, I wasn’t sure in which direction the vocal should go, but once I heard Lakota’s demo, I was sold. Lakota really brought the right feel, in-your face vibe and catchy hook that the track needed, and working with her on ‘Fiyah’ was a great experience overall, which I think resulted in a great track that we both hope people will enjoy listening and dancing to as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Lakota is just as complimentary and absolutely loved working with ØCEANS on the single. “Working with Vlad was an absolute pleasure! He trusted my vision for the song lyrically and melodically; his production was inspiring and made it easy to produce something fiery to match. I’m very happy with the collaboration of dance and urban pop and hope many will enjoy our song ‘Fiyah’!” 

The release of Fiyah also follows a highly successful live debut for ØCEANS at Fiction nightclub in Cape Town late 2017, performing alongside some of CT’s finest such as Das Kapital and Venture. Fans will be excited to know that 2018 is set to be on Fiyah with many more performance dates on the horizon from ØCEANS.

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